When the World Screamed

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.2 stars; 18 reviews)

A new Professor Challenger Story! When Mr. Peerless Jones, artesian borer, is contact by the great but eccentric Professor Challenger with an urgent request, his curiosity and the endorsement of his friend Malone who had previous dealings with Challenger convinces him to meet with the Professor. Challenger's plan is as absurd as it is potentially Earth-shattering... Will Jones experience the sound of WHEN THE WORLD SCREAMED? - Summary by Ben Tucker (1 hr 2 min)


Part 1 22:13 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 2 13:51 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 3 10:36 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 4 16:16 Read by Ben Tucker



(3.5 stars)

I really liked this interpretation of Professor Challenger. It is an improvement to the land of mist, which is a step in the right direction, although I am not entirely satisfed, since Challenger himself does not feature prominently in this story and the question why was Malone there needs to be asked, other than that it was quite fun.