The Secret of Dreams

Read by Andrea Fiore

(4 stars; 95 reviews)

A guide to different kinds of dreams, their meanings, and how they influence our waking lives. (Summary by Andrea Fiore)

(0 hr 44 min)


The Dreamer 9:43 Read by Andrea Fiore
Varieties of Dreams 27:56 Read by Andrea Fiore
How to Evolve the Large Consciousness 6:58 Read by Andrea Fiore


dream secrets

(5 stars)

Its a great reflection of what metaphors dreams hold...

This Lady's Voice Is Horrible

(0.5 stars)

This lady could do anything with her life and she chose to ruin a book with her vocals? Come on.. find something you are good at.....

Not bad .. worth the time

(3 stars)

Not bad .. most of the methods and facts are right but they are presented in a dramatic manner which id a bit deviated from the real purpose of the topic.

secret of dreams

(5 stars)

the secret of dreams

secret of a dreams

(4 stars)

thanks. it helps me to understand my dreams n why my dreams happened in my waking life.

Interesting introduction into the subject of dreams

(4 stars)


(0.5 stars)

the book starts off categorizing death with an absolute definition, the only common point between living things is the absence of an objective definition of death. the author keeps drawing conclusions without even seeming to consider that common beliefs might have more thought behind them than seems to meet the eye. to the base, all is base, I am not interested in reading fancies from someone deeming themselves above eternal growth. the narrator is good though.