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The Secret of Dreams

Gelesen von Audio Andrea

(4,129 Sterne; 423 Bewertungen)

A guide to different kinds of dreams, their meanings, and how they influence our waking lives. (Summary by Andrea Fiore) (0 hr 44 min)


The Dreamer


Read by Audio Andrea

Varieties of Dreams


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How to Evolve the Large Consciousness


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(0,5 Sterne)

the book starts off categorizing death with an absolute definition, the only common point between living things is the absence of an objective definition of death. the author keeps drawing conclusions without even seeming to consider that common beliefs might have more thought behind them than seems to meet the eye. to the base, all is base, I am not interested in reading fancies from someone deeming themselves above eternal growth. the narrator is good though.

dream secrets

(5 Sterne)

Its a great reflection of what metaphors dreams hold...

If there's a secret, you won't find it here

(2 Sterne)

The author is well-intentioned in breaking modern prejudices against dreams and their meaning, but his arguments are not impressive at all and the examples given in the middle chapter are as convincing as they are unprovable. I'm into esoteric reading, but this is just too misguided and uneventful. The recording, though, is great and Andrea Fiore has one of the best voices in LibriVox.

Great recording, good intro book

(4,5 Sterne)

The audio recording of this book is excellent! I wish all LibriVox recordings sounded this good. The content of the book itself is entry level metaphysics/spirituality. It's nice and short, so still worth a listen, but anyone who has studied the astral world probably will not find anything new here.

(3 Sterne)

I thought there would be more of a positive insight into dreams. I do not agree with most of what was presented only because I believe differently. If God uses dreams to communicate with us, I believe there is so much more to dreams. I am a lucid dreamer. I am very good at getting out of situations, exploring, especially some of my favorite repetitive dreams I go adventuring into other aspects of the dream. I can also wake from a dream go get a cup of water etc. and go back into my dreams. I learned how to read and remember what I read; my senses are very vivid as well. I really didn’t learn anything new from this book. The reader did a great job!

Not bad .. worth the time

(3 Sterne)

Not bad .. most of the methods and facts are right but they are presented in a dramatic manner which id a bit deviated from the real purpose of the topic.

Speculation of dreams

(3 Sterne)

This book provides speculation of the events of dreaming, there is no absolute evidence to the dreams. The beliefs presented in this book may contradict the beliefs of others.

Couldn't wait for the end

(2 Sterne)

I only enjoyed the last chapter, I found the the book tiring to listen to,especially chapter two. But enjoyed the narrative.