Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.1 stars; 57 reviews)

"Olalla" was a "shilling shocker" written for the Christmas season in 1885, just before the publication of Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The nameless protagonist of this Gothic tale, a wounded soldier, goes to the Spanish countryside to recuperate. He finds himself enthralled by the beautiful Olalla, the daughter of his hostess, whose family conceals a terrible secret. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)

(1 hr 39 min)


1 - Part 1 23:27 Read by Elizabeth Klett
2 - Part 2 26:54 Read by Elizabeth Klett
3 - Part 3 23:04 Read by Elizabeth Klett
4 - Part 4 25:56 Read by Elizabeth Klett


Difficult to understand

(3 stars)

Maybe it went over my head with so many implications; or possibly I interpreted too deeply. They're crazy so just leave them alone?

Decent story, good recording

(3 stars)

I enjoyed this gothic horror story, though the ending seemed a bit of a letdown -- nothing really new developed. Interesting and atmospheric though. A fine, clear recording by the same Librivox reader who recorded Carmilla (which this story reminded me of).

Unexpectedly beautiful

(3.5 stars)

Read as usual marvelously by Elizabeth Klett. Thank you! A beautiful story, leaves WAAAAY too many questions open. I understand why so many people said they felt as if the ending were missing. ... its open. I assume.

(5 stars)

19th century gothic tale in the style of Mysteries of Udolpho and Fall of the House of Usher. it's enigmatic, but don't look up an interpretation before you read it. & don't read it before you go to sleep!


(3 stars)

I found that the narrator read through certain parts very quickly, then slower at other parts; which effected the telling of the tale. Good story though.


(4 stars)

Unclassifiable but a well-done study which seems to tread on the verge of the super natural. Worth a listen.

Different & good

(4 stars)

It rather left me wishing there was more to the story. Of course EK is an amazing reader.


(3 stars)

Weird, unsatisfying, and incomplete feeling story. Well narrated but not my cup of tea.