Holidays at Roselands

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(4.2 stars; 58 reviews)

This is the second book of the much loved Elsie Dinsmore series and starts where the first book left off. Elsie is still recuperating from her weakness, with her kind and indulgent father by her side.

The story revolves around how a strong bond of love and understanding takes root between the father and daughter, as they holiday at Roselands, and visit exciting places, with some of our favorite friends from the first book, Mr. Travilla, Adelaide, Chloe, Lora and the others. (Summary by Neeru Iyer)

Previous book in series: Elsie Dinsmore
Next book in series: Elsie's Girlhood

(8 hr 52 min)


01 - Chapter 1 27:21 Read by MelanieMae
02 - Chapter 2 17:10 Read by MelanieMae
03 - Chapter 3 Part 1 18:24 Read by MelanieMae
04 - Chapter 3 Part 2 18:55 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
05 - Chapter 3 Part 3 19:29 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
06 - Chapter 4 27:32 Read by Joyce Martin
07 - Chapter 5 26:07 Read by Joyce Martin
08 - Chapter 6 Part 1 20:07 Read by Heather Lawrence
09 - Chapter 6 Part 2 18:35 Read by Heather Lawrence
10 - Chapter 7 22:45 Read by Ted Nugent
11 - Chapter 8 Part 1 17:14 Read by Bridget Gaige
12 - Chapter 8 Part 2 17:42 Read by Bridget Gaige
13 - Chapter 9 14:13 Read by Bridget Gaige
14 - Chapter 10 22:48 Read by Bridget Gaige
15 - Chapter 11 32:31 Read by Bridget Gaige
16 - Chapter 12 Part 1 17:56 Read by Bridget Gaige
17 - Chapter 12 Part 2 17:32 Read by Bridget Gaige
18 - Chapter 13 Part 1 25:37 Read by Joyce Martin
19 - Chapter 13 Part 2 22:07 Read by Joyce Martin
20 - Chapter 14 Part 1 16:18 Read by Neeru Iyer
21 - Chapter 14 Part 2 14:32 Read by Neeru Iyer
22 - Chapter 15 Part 1 17:33 Read by Joyce Martin
23 - Chapter 15 Part 2 19:06 Read by RoseA
24 - Chapter 16 Part 1 25:12 Read by Joyce Martin
25 - Chapter 16 Part 2 23:08 Read by Joyce Martin
26 - Chapter 17 12:24 Read by Neeru Iyer


Great Book!

(5 stars)

if you're looking for a book of all ages that will point to Jesus, this is it!!! the struggles Elsie has are ones all of us Christians have! Great book!

Still one of my favorites!

(5 stars)

I’ve listened to this so many times and it always feels like the first time!

Love this book!

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this book! I have almost the whole collection, but I love listening to them!

Elsie's Holydays

(5 stars)

good story and principles

(5 stars)

Great book ,but it seems that Elsie had more sense than her father 27 year old ,it seems that he was acting more like an 8 year child than Elsie.

Horrible Story

(0.5 stars)

It's disturbing and saddening that the author of this book had such an odd twisted view of Christianity. It's perfectly normal for older men to take little girls on their knees and kiss them but breaking the Sabbath (reading books that are not "Christian" on Sunday) is considered to be almost an unpardonable sin. The author seems to delight in torturing poor Elsie by her "loving", abusive father. I keep waiting for the story to get better but it isn't. The author invents heartbreak after heartbreak for Elsie to endure, and all the while Elsie is trying hopelessly to earn her abusive father's love. It's horrible. Every time my mom heard snatches of it, she would say "what ARE you listening to?" The ending is decent enough but still odd. The father is still over-petting and very strict, and the idea that withholding love and affection from a disobedient child is an appropriate form of discipline still seems to be endorsed.

Child abuse !!

(0.5 stars)

'Papa' would be in jail if he tried that stuff these days !!

Great story

(4 stars)

Story is great but Ted nugget is a TERRIBLE reader.!! I couldn't even understand him. Joyce Martin is the best reader. Not as good for younger people ages 4-6 cause a few have accents.