X Minus One Project

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This is a collection of public domain science fiction stories which were turned into half-hour plays for the classic mid-1950's American radio series, X Minus One. All of these stories were added to Project Gutenberg via Greg Weeks and crew at Distributed Proofreaders.(Summary by BellonaTimes)

(7 hr 35 min)


Coffin Cure, The 41:29 Read by Max Lindberg
Death Wish 23:55 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
Defenders, The 1:00:05 Read by Tom Weiss
Moon Is Green, The 36:50 Read by Juli Carter
Old Die Rich, The 52:15 Read by Juli Carter
Old Die Rich, Part 2, The 52:58 Read by Juli Carter
Project Mastodon 1:10:15 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
Time and Time Again 44:53 Read by Bellona Times
Tunnel Under the World 1:12:31 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)


tunnel under the world

(5 stars)

An unsettling story to say the least. Especially since A.I. is so close on our horizon. And hard to believe that an A.I. society wouldn't enjoy plays by Shakespeare featuring little humans who thought their lives had meaning.

Classic Tales Well Told

(5 stars)

The radio plays were revived in the 1980s and played on at least one major US station until 2002.

(3.5 stars)

Good short stories all though some are long enough that they are their own books in the Librivox catalog.

X Minus One Project

(4.5 stars)

Story is a good listen and is well read - Thanks!

great variety

(5 stars)

Lots of interesting, and several very thought provoking stories. Worth a listen!


(5 stars)

fantastic reader, and thought provoking stories with a good twist