Bobs, a Girl Detective

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(4.4 stars; 92 reviews)

This is a great short chapter mystery book for girls. It is similar to Nancy Drew. Bobs is one of the four sisters whose parents die, leaving them with the responsibility of caring for themselves. They have to work together to be cheerful through the hard time and a long the way have many adventures! Let's start decoding the clues! (Summary by peppersnoodles93) (4 hr 33 min)


01 - Four Girls Face a Problem 20:51 Read by Kimberly Krause
02 - A Proposal 7:54 Read by SamR
03 - Venturing Forth 10:16 Read by SamR
04 - A Haunted House 6:59 Read by SamR
05 - A Strange New Home 9:34 Read by SamR
06 - A Lost Sister 6:39 Read by Lynne T
07 - Bobs Seeks a Profession 10:01 Read by Lynne T
08 - A New Friend 11:07 Read by Lynne T
09 - A Hurried Lunch 9:19 Read by Lynne T
10 - Bobs As Bookseller 5:56 Read by Lynne T
11 - A Queer Gift 5:34 Read by Woolly Bee
12 - A Young Man Enters 11:24 Read by Janet Hettenbach
13 - Nell Wiggin's Story 8:39 Read by SamR
14 - A Pleasant Plan 7:25 Read by Sharon Kilmer
15 - The Detective Detected 10:44 Read by Sharon Kilmer
16 - A New "Case" for Bobs 12:48 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
17 - Bobs Tries Acting 13:10 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
18 - Who Was Miss Finefeather 8:10 Read by Sharon Kilmer
19 - The Lost Is Found 6:11 Read by Woolly Bee
20 - A Failure That Was Success 9:03 Read by Sharon Kilmer
21 - A New Arrival 7:43 Read by Penney Pittman
22 - A Case For Two 9:08 Read by SamR
23 - Partner Detectives 5:56 Read by SamR
24 - Romance Budding 11:02 Read by Chuck Williamson
25 - A Sudden Departure 11:00 Read by Chuck Williamson
26 - A Happy Reunion 6:57 Read by Sharon Kilmer
27 - Revelations That Do Not Reveal 3:40 Read by SamR
28 - The House Party 7:12 Read by SamR
29 - Tragic Hours 5:17 Read by SamR
30 - A Hero Rewarded 3:42 Read by SamR
31 - Four Romances 9:41 Read by SamR


(4 stars)

Love the story but some of the narrators were sheer anguish. Still, it IS awfully good of them to volunteer so...but really, between an overly excited, frustrated melodrama actress whose prim conclusion after her incredibly artificial reading put me in mind of Rhoda Penmark. Chuck would be better suited for the archness of Oscar Wilde, Saki or some other highly stylized and satirical author. The earnestness of early 20th century, uplifting girls' series fiction eludes him entirely. Progressive era clubwomen did not use satire to uplift society.

Very good story

(5 stars)

Four well off girls suddenly find their fortunes reversed after their parents die. Rather than sit around and scrape by on what little remains, three of them decide to seek their fortunes in the city. On the way, they find careers, adventure, love, and the fourth girl, who had run away. I thought it was a very sweet story, if just a wee bit fluffy. I love a happy ending tho, so this was just the thing after a long day of work. Reading and recordings were fine. Thank you for your work.

Fun Story, Varied Reading

(3.5 stars)

The storyline itself was was clever how the cases were solved. Readers did a good job for the most part...with there being various different readers sometimes it took a minute to adjust to new character voices, but overall an enjoyable listen!

a great fantasy

(4.5 stars)

My favorite type of story.i call this a 👍🏼(thumbs up).do some more PLEASE!but didn't like chuck W. as narrater.(agree with other comments.)

Beyond a heartwarming tale

(5 stars)

Loved most of the readers. Story is so good can over look some OVER emphasis reading ...

Sweet Story

(5 stars)

Charming book about four devoted and sweet sisters moving to the big city and eventually finding love.


(5 stars)

good story detective story. Agree with other comment Chuck is not a good narrator.

Simple and Sweet Romance

(5 stars)

Appropriate for adults and kids alike. Easy listen.