Grace May North

Bobs, a Girl Detective

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a great short chapter mystery book for girls. It is similar to Nancy Drew. Bobs is one of the four sisters whose parents die, leavin…

Meg of Mystery Mountain

Read by SamR

Jane Abbott, tall, graceful and languidly beautiful, passed through the bevy of girls on the wharf below Highacres Seminary with scarcely a …

The Phantom Town Mystery

Read by Bill Boerst

Two girls from the East, out on a horseback ride in the mountains of Arizona, find a house in the mountains. The house's history reveals tha…

The Seven Sleuths' Club

Read by SamR

Some girls from a day school started a club called Spread Sunshine Club, but change the name when they decide to find some mysteries to solv…

Virginia's Adventure Club

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Following the adventures of a girls school as they form their adventure club. - Summary by Michele Eaton