Hagar of the Pawn-Shop

Read by Grant Hurlock

(4.5 stars; 50 reviews)

Hagar Stanley, a beautiful young Gypsy, is driven by sexual harassment to leave her tribe and seek refuge with her uncle Jacob, a miserly London pawnbroker. He dies after teaching Hagar the business, and she takes over running the popshop till the legitimate heir can be traced. In the odd assortment of objects that pass across her counter, Hagar uncovers one mystery after another. Some items are linked to actual crimes, others to iniquitous acts of human deceit and betrayal. Whether investigating independently or alongside the police, Hagar combines her native shrewdness with woman's intuition to help untangle the webs of wickedness she encounters, that justice might prevail in the end. Though the individual mysteries in Hagar of the Pawn-shop may be read separately, they are so arranged by Fergus Hume as to form a linked set, with characters from earlier stories popping up again later on, one as Hagar's love interest and another as her nemesis. - Summary by Grant Hurlock (8 hr 21 min)


The Coming of Hagar 50:58 Read by Grant Hurlock
The First Customer and the Florentine Dante 44:57 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Second Customer and the Amber Beads 47:00 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Third Customer and the Jade Idol 37:49 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Fourth Customer and the Crucifix 41:17 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Fifth Customer and the Copper Key 40:40 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Sixth Customer and the Silver Teapot 47:24 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Seventh Customer and the Mandarin 37:27 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Eighth Customer and the Pair of Boots 40:56 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Ninth Customer and the Casket 36:47 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Tenth Customer and the Persian Ring 37:25 Read by Grant Hurlock
The Passing of Hagar 39:18 Read by Grant Hurlock


Didn't mind the reader

(3 stars)

Story a little fanciful, Hume's style is generally one of light entertainment and adventure. Comment has been made on the reader, personally I had no problems so it can vary from person to person.

(3 stars)

reader has a very low tone. so listening should be in a very quiet space or headphones. Stories were interesting.

(5 stars)

love the reader! thanks to ALL who give us the gift of their time. ..God richly bless them !

(2 stars)

Once again I have to leave this tale unheard because I find the reader's style difficult and monotonous.


(4.5 stars)

reader was a bit difficult to enjoy, but the story itself was very interesting.

(5 stars)

Great book. I picked it to listen to at random. Good reader. Good story.

(3 stars)

A lovely story; passable well read. Interesting characters and intriguing stories.

Reader's voice sounds like a heroin user

(2 stars)