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Hagar of the Pawn-Shop

Gelesen von Grant Hurlock

(4,443 Sterne; 105 Bewertungen)

Hagar Stanley, a beautiful young Gypsy, is driven by sexual harassment to leave her tribe and seek refuge with her uncle Jacob, a miserly London pawnbroker. He dies after teaching Hagar the business, and she takes over running the popshop till the legitimate heir can be traced. In the odd assortment of objects that pass across her counter, Hagar uncovers one mystery after another. Some items are linked to actual crimes, others to iniquitous acts of human deceit and betrayal. Whether investigating independently or alongside the police, Hagar combines her native shrewdness with woman's intuition to help untangle the webs of wickedness she encounters, that justice might prevail in the end. Though the individual mysteries in Hagar of the Pawn-shop may be read separately, they are so arranged by Fergus Hume as to form a linked set, with characters from earlier stories popping up again later on, one as Hagar's love interest and another as her nemesis. - Summary by Grant Hurlock (8 hr 21 min)


The Coming of Hagar


Read by Grant Hurlock

The First Customer and the Florentine Dante


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Second Customer and the Amber Beads


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Third Customer and the Jade Idol


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Fourth Customer and the Crucifix


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Fifth Customer and the Copper Key


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Sixth Customer and the Silver Teapot


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Seventh Customer and the Mandarin


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Eighth Customer and the Pair of Boots


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Ninth Customer and the Casket


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Tenth Customer and the Persian Ring


Read by Grant Hurlock

The Passing of Hagar


Read by Grant Hurlock


I can't help but feel I had read this before or something...

(4 Sterne)

This is a collection of short stories joined together by the common person of Hagar, who oversees the pawn shop. I really liked this story. It ended happy, bad guys got got, good guys usually were okay, and at the center of it is Hagar, who is a bit of a superhero. Reader was very good.

An entertaining selection of short stories

(3,5 Sterne)

I like the way the stories were all tied together by the unique main character. The reader was a little monotone but still did a good job after a while you get lost the story and don't even notice. It just took a little getting used to his style but he did well. I would recommended this.

Intriguing short tales of crime, mystery, tragedy & romance

(4 Sterne)

These tales run the gamut but have our heroine Hagar at the center of them. I wish her character was a bit less opaque and a bit more sympathetic. Still, these tales are engaging and suspenseful. Hard to "put it down" as it were. The reader does very nice characterizations. Lovely job!

Different and Interesting

(4 Sterne)

Proud, honorable Hagar can't wait to get out of the pawn shop and back to the free life of her Romani heritage. In the meantime, she encounters mysteries connected with the items brought to her shop. Lots of exotic artifacts and sinister characters, but Hagar holds her own. I enjoyed it.

Fun Premise

(4 Sterne)

I really enjoyed the premise of this short story collection. After the death of a pawnshop owner his niece takes over the shop until the heir shows up. Various items brought to pawn lead to mysteries for the girl to solve. Good concept. Well read.


(5 Sterne)

What does one do with several mystery outlines that do not lend themselves to a complete novel? One ties them together as a series of transactions with a canny pawn shop girl. It worked quite well.

(4,5 Sterne)

usually find Hume a bit long-winded.this was lovely though because of the separate stories.reader good but took away a half star as the London accent was not good and wasn't necessary as the reader was perfect anyway

Another Fine One

(5 Sterne)

Fergus Hume knows how to keep readers engaged. This was quite like multiple stores. Yet so intertwined part of the whole with each bringing great interest.