A Study In Scarlet (Version 6)

Read by David Clarke

(4.8 stars; 541 reviews)

A Study in Scarlet is a detective mystery novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, introducing his new characters, "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes and his friend and chronicler, Dr. John Watson, who later became two of the most famous characters in literature. Conan Doyle wrote the story in 1886, and it was published the following year. The book's title derives from a speech given by Holmes to Doctor Watson on the nature of his work, in which he describes the story's murder investigation as his "study in scarlet": "There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it." (A "study" is a preliminary drawing, sketch or painting done in preparation for a finished piece.) - Summary by David Clarke (4 hr 37 min)


Mr Sherlock Holmes 17:53 Read by David Clarke
The Science of Deduction 22:25 Read by David Clarke
The Lauriston Garden Mystery 24:05 Read by David Clarke
What John Rance Had to Tell 15:20 Read by David Clarke
Our Advertisement Brings A Visitor 15:39 Read by David Clarke
Tobias Gregson Shows What He Can Do 20:48 Read by David Clarke
Light In the Darkness 20:47 Read by David Clarke
On The Great Alkali Plain 24:49 Read by David Clarke
The Flower of Utah 16:37 Read by David Clarke
John Ferrier Talks With the Prophet 12:36 Read by David Clarke
A Flight For Life 21:36 Read by David Clarke
The Avenging Angels 23:05 Read by David Clarke
A Continuation of the Reminiscences of John Watson MD 27:31 Read by David Clarke
The Conclusion 14:23 Read by David Clarke


Brilliant book, brilliant reader!

(5 stars)

I was sceptical about audio books earlier, but not any more! Holmes+David Clarke=Winning Combination!

Good book, good narrator

(5 stars)

The story has several unexpected twists and turns. Quite a classic Sherlock Holmes. The narrator David Clarke is wonderful. Distinct voices for each character which are not over-done. His own voice as a narrator is also quite pleasant.

Fantastic! !

(5 stars)

Excellent introduction to Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes. A must read. Thoroughly enjoyed the story. Perfect length too. I cannot say enough about how brilliant the reader David Clarke is. He is GREAT!

(5 stars)

David Clark is an amazing reader/ actor. So grateful He has chosen to read for us. Really appreciated

(5 stars)

fabulous! great narration. mr. Clarke please do more.

Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle full of surprises!

(5 stars)

"Maxwell Sheffield and a Mormon Interlude" Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are full of surprises! I had listened to another audiobook of theirs. This narrator sounds like Maxwell Sheffield from "The Nanny". So that's fun. (Slight Spoiler) There is a really interesting literary device that is used. Sherlock Holmes and Watson have been grappling with their shadowy opponent. Just when it appears that Holmes and company have triumphed, the story appears to come to a sudden close. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sets up an amazing transition by vividly describing a barren portion of the United States. Given his descriptions of the landscape and mood of the surroundings, I assume that he spent some time in the area. The story continues with eerie imagery throughout. Then...it all leads back to London! What a surprise! I thought it was some separate book that was tacked on. (Slight spoiler over.) So, overall, an enjoyable experience. Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant chemist who likes having his ego stroked.Fun!

Odd Story, Great Reading

(3.5 stars)

Four stars for the reader. He does a wonderful job. This is the first Sherlock Holmes stories, and in it you can see all the clunkiness which the more seasoned Doyle works through in his later writing. Most notably is the unexplained jump in storyline mid-novel. It's an extended flashback to the American West, which comes so abruptly that you're likely to think there's been a mistake. Overall, though, it's a worthwhile listen. The Holmes-Watson parts are delightful, and it's a hoot to see them as young men meeting for the first time.


(4.5 stars)

David Clark is my favorite reader for the Sherlock Holmes series! I thoroughly enjoy listening to him! The Study in Scarlet takes an interesting twist as it tells a tale from the familiar viewpoint or Dr. Watson and Sherlock and then takes a different view in explaining the events leading up to their investigation. I enjoyed hearing how Sherlock and Watson got together.