The Scarlet Pimpernel

Read by Karen Savage

(4.8 stars; 1343 reviews)

The classic story of Sir Percy Blakeney and his alter ego, the Scarlet Pimpernel. A great adventure, set during the French Revolution. (Summary by Karen Savage)

(7 hr 49 min)


Paris: September, 1792 15:45 Read by Karen Savage
Dover: "The Fisherman's Rest" 18:18 Read by Karen Savage
The Refugees 14:10 Read by Karen Savage
The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel 15:05 Read by Karen Savage
Marguerite 10:45 Read by Karen Savage
An Exquisite of '92 18:44 Read by Karen Savage
The Secret Orchard 12:04 Read by Karen Savage
The Accredited Agent 21:42 Read by Karen Savage
The Outrage 11:56 Read by Karen Savage
In the Opera Box 27:09 Read by Karen Savage
Lord Grenville's Ball 11:32 Read by Karen Savage
The Scrap of Paper 15:24 Read by Karen Savage
Either - - Or? 4:47 Read by Karen Savage
One O'Clock Precisely 15:09 Read by Karen Savage
Doubt 10:10 Read by Karen Savage
Richmond 27:24 Read by Karen Savage
Farewell 12:56 Read by Karen Savage
The Mysterious Device 8:25 Read by Karen Savage
The Scarlet Pimpernel 16:56 Read by Karen Savage
The Friend 12:12 Read by Karen Savage
Suspense 14:31 Read by Karen Savage
Calais 17:34 Read by Karen Savage
Hope 12:26 Read by Karen Savage
The Death-Trap 12:38 Read by Karen Savage
The Eagle and the Fox 15:12 Read by Karen Savage
The Jew 15:43 Read by Karen Savage
On the Track 13:41 Read by Karen Savage
The Pere Blanchard's Hut 16:53 Read by Karen Savage
Trapped 9:01 Read by Karen Savage
The Schooner 21:45 Read by Karen Savage
The Escape 19:10 Read by Karen Savage


The Start of a beautiful friendship

(5 stars)

It is always wonderful to stumble upon a new well written book series, even better when the reader can tackle English to French with such immaculate fluency. These books have mystery, heroics, comedy, the best DANDY, and an interesting historical setting. Karen Savage does the works such justice! A few of the other books are read by others, hopefully you won't be the type to insult their well above average work just because we've been spoiled with Karen.

a favorite classic

(5 stars)

This is the third or fourth time listening/reading this book. It is a cleverly and beautifully told story full of fantastic plots, daring characters, and true love, courage, and sacrifice. I would recommend it to any good reader and thinker. And the reader -- Karen Savage is the best reader I have ever heard. Her accents and intonations are beautiful and accurate. I can be never read Sir Percy without hearing her drawly, affected tones... Overall, a masterpiece!

(4 stars)

If she is the smartest woman in Britain then there's not much hope for us! Though this was a lovely little book that reminds us of how we cling to our preconceptions about people and refuse to see the difference of our opinions​ and the truth when it comes to our friends and family.

Wonderful book and reader!

(5 stars)

A wonderful captivating story. It has romance, adventure, and comedy. Karen does a fabulous job reading it!!

I liked it a lot

(5 stars)

I just love this story. It kept my attention from the very beginning through to the very end. The vivid details make it so easy to feel as though you're right there with the characters. Of course the wonderful reader helped with that too. Its suspenseful, somewhat sad, and absolutely hilarious at times. The writer did a wonderful job at slowly piecing the story together which allowed you to follow along and assemble the puzzle as it unfolded. I also liked that she doesn't come right out and say who the Scarlet Pimpernel is. She only implies and lets you figure it out along with Marguerite.

(5 stars)

I have never read this book but have seen the old movie which I loved. Karen the reader for this book did the most superb job. I can't express myself thoroughly on how much I loved listening to her as she differentiated the characters and brought everything to me as if I were reading it myself, only she was far better than I as I would have stumbled through the French (even in my though read in my head). She was expression and so eloquent in her delivery. I can not applaud her enough, I just want to hug her!

great reading

(5 stars)

Here on librivox I always give the stars to the reader and not the story, and this reader was perfect. I liked how nicely she pronounced the French words and her French accent was also convincing. The book is a light and easy romantic adventure story. I got through it but I couldn't care much about the characters. The affection of the main characters for each other seems to come out of nowhere. Our protagonist is apparently the cleverest woman in England but can't seem to figure out anything for herself. When things get intense she swoons, naturally.

(5 stars)

I’ve been a fan of the Scarlet Pimpernel since I was little; my mom and I watched the movies and when I got my first kindle I started reading the books, so I’d already read this one when I found LibriVox. I love listening to Karen’s reading when I’m relaxing with my yarn and knitting needles (yes, I’m an old soul in a 20 year old’s body). Her pronunciation of the French words is really good and she reads at an even tempo. I hope one of the big audio book companies spots her. She’s a very talented reader