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La Figlia Che Piange

In Poems

Read by Eva Davis

T. S. Eliot

This collection of 24 contains some of T. S. Eliot's earlier work. This collection contains poems in English as well as some completely in …

Front Matter

In The White Doe of Rylstone

Read by Phil Benson

William Wordsworth

A narrative poem in seven cantos, set during the Northern Rebellion of 1569. A group of Catholic nobleman from the North of England attempt …

0 - Epistle Dedicatory

In The Rape of the Lock

Read by Rhonda Federman

Alexander Pope

The Rape of the Lock is a mock-heroic narrative poem written by Alexander Pope, first published anonymously in Lintot's Miscellany in May 17…

Captain Craig, I

In Captain Craig: A Book of Poems

Read by Subhash Chander

Edwin Arlington Robinson

This is a volume of narrative poems by Edwin Arlington Robinson. - Summary by Carolin

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