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Wappin' Wharf: A Frightful Comedy of Pirates

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Charles S. Brooks

We had hoped that our drama's scene might lie on a pirate ship at sea. We had wished for a swaying mast, full-set with canvas—a typhoon to s…

Birds and Nature, Vol. XI, No 1, January 1902

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"Birds and Nature" was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems, anecdotes…

Birds and Nature, Vol. XI, No 2, February 1902

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"Birds and Nature" was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems, anecdotes…


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Charlotte Turner Smith

Celestina was adopted by Mrs. Willoughby from a convent in France. No one knows who her parents are. Her secret birth causes problems for he…

Prison Life in Andersonville

Read by Jeffery

John Levi Maile

A firsthand account of the deplorable conditions within the most infamous prisoner-of-war camp of the Confederacy. Though functioning only d…

The Princess and Curdie (Version 2)

Read by Hannah Mary

George MacDonald

A year has passed since Curdie's adventures with young Princess Irene and the hostile goblins deep in the mountain. As Curdie grows up, his …

Aces Up

Read by Bill Boerst

Covington Clarke

A crack American flying troop has been sent to France, where they await further instructions. They are concerned that their extensive talent…

שני ימים ולילה אחד בבית מלון אורחים (Two Days and One Night in a Hotel)

Read by Omri Lernau

יהודה לייב גורדון Judah Leib Gordon

Judah Leib Gordon was born to well-to-do Jewish parents who owned a hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. He took a leading part in the modern reviva…

Bunte Beute

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Detlev Von Liliencron

Dies ist eine Sammlung von Gedichten des norddeutschen Dichters Detlev von Liliencron. Die Gedichte sind sehr unterschiedlich und geradezu b…

Life in the Sick-room: Essays by an Invalid

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Harriet Martineau

Thinking she would be ill for the rest of her life, Harriet Martineau wrote these partly autobiographical essays about life in the sickroom.…

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Vol. 2.

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Charles Mackay

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, an…

North Lancashire

Read by Phil Benson

John Edward Marr

Cambridge County Geographies was a 75 volume series covering the counties of England, Scotland and Wales. Separate volumes were produced for…


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Robert Herrick

This is a volume of poetry by Robert Herrick. The volume "Chrysomela" was arranged by Francis Turner Palgrave. The 17th century En…

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Read by Peter Tucker

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is a lengthy narrative poem in four parts written by Lord Byron. It was published between 1812 and 1818 and is de…

The Human Boy

Read by David Wales

Eden Phillpotts

This collection of eleven short stories, both humorous and touching, about English school boys was published in 1900. The book was quite pop…

The Diary of a Provincial Lady

E. M. Delafield

“Notice, and am gratified by, large clump of crocuses near the front gate. Should like to make whimsical and charming reference to these and…


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Miguel De Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (1864 - 1936) fue un escritor y filósofo español de la generación del 98. Cultivó una g…

The Arabian Nights Entertainments, Volume 03

Read by Gillian Hendrie


The third of four volumes of Middle Eastern tales, originally written in Arabic. Scheherazade tries to prolong her husband's interest in her…

The Moors in Spain

Read by S S Kim

Stanley Lane-Poole

“The history of Spain offers us a melancholy contrast. Twelve hundred years ago, Tarik the Moor added the land of the Visigoths to the long …

Stanzas Written in His Library

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Robert Southey

Poem #619 in The Book Of Georgian Verse, page 1110, published 1909. This poem seems so appropriate to what we do at LibriVox, surrounding ou…

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