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Faraon (tom 3)

Bolesław Prus

Młody Ramzes XIII obejmuje panowanie nad Egiptem, jednak jego wrogowie nie śpią, a jego sprzymierzeńcy chcą nim manipulować. Sam faraon też …


Jefferson B. Browne

Charles Farrar Browne, a native of Maine, became known as a writer and lecturer under the name of Artemus Ward. Like his friend Mark Twain,…

Евгений Онегин (Eugene Onegin)

Alexander Pushkin

This novel in verses is an example of Russian classic literature. The plot tells about young nobleman moving to country from St. Petersburg,…

Selected Poems of Yone Noguchi

Yone Noguchi

"Yone Noguchi was an influential Japanese writer of poetry, fiction, essays, and literary criticism in both English and Japanese. Criti…


Robert Browning

Browning, when at his best in vigor, clearness, and beauty, is peculiarly a poet for young people. His freedom from sentimentality, his live…

Dark Other

Stanley G. Weinbaum

The Dark Other is a horror novel by Stanley G. Weinbaum. The novel concerns Patricia Lane who is in love with Nicholas Devine, a quiet and g…

Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Martin Luther

When Martin Luther promulgated his “95 Theses” 1n 1517, he probably did not envision the initiation of the historical division of the indivi…

The Life and Adventures of Chanticleer, the intelligent Rooster. An interesting…

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This is, as the title already describes, the rhymed story of Chanticleer the Rooster, and his adventures. Follow the bird through his youth …

Songs of Two

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Arthur S. Hardy

This is a volume of poems by American engineer, educator, editor, diplomat, novelist, and poet Arthur Sherburne Hardy. All of the poems in t…

'Tilda Jane's Orphans

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Marshall Saunders

When the story of 'Tilda Jane appeared serially in The Youth's Companion in 1901, the original manuscript was very much condensed. When the …

The Captain's Story

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William Martin

This seafaring adventure story was adapted from the German. It is also known as The Disobedient Son and tells the story of a boy who runs aw…

The Story of the Atlantic Cable

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Sir Charles Bright

The electric telegraph, together with the railway-train and the steamship, constituted the three most conspicuous features of late 19th cent…

Sons of the Covenant: A Tale of London Jewry

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Samuel Gordon

Born in London's poverty-stricken and heavily Jewish East End, the Lipcott boys create their own successes in life and love. The brothers' c…

Uncle Wiggily's Fortune (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Howard R. Garis

Howard Garis, one of the most prolific children's writers of the 20th century, is credited with writing over 1500 Uncle Wiggily stories, ori…

The Mysteries of Paris - Volume 1 (version 2)

Read by Celine Major

Eugène Sue

Rodolphe is the Grand Duke of Gerolstein, a fictional kingdom of Germany, but disguises himself as a Parisian worker. He can speak in the se…

Laurent M.

Read by Ahikar


« La première fois que je vis Laurent M., il me fit une très forte impression. Il était tout ce que je n’é…


Read by DanielLuttringer

Georges Beaume

Georges Beaume est un journaliste, romancier, nouvelliste, critique d’art et de littérature, né le 12 mai&…

Un entrefilet aux X

Read by René Depasse

Edgar Allan Poe

Avant d’écouter le Conte grotesque d’Edgar Poe Un entrefilet aux X, notez qu’il y a deux passages « l’entrefilet aux O »…

Chapitre IV : Les Femmes

Read by René Depasse

Le coran

Claude Étienne Savary, orientaliste français, pionnier de l’égyptologie est un des traducteurs du Coran (1750-1788).Sa …

Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (Tome 4)

Read by DanielLuttringer

Roger de Beauvoir

Suite et fin des aventures du Chevalier de Saint-Georges.« Cette année, que M. de Lafayette (qui avait bien ses raisons) n…

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