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The Skin Game

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John Galsworthy

A small play in three acts. A kind of comic tragedy. The plot tells the story of the interaction between two very different families in rura…

The Misadventures of Si & Elmer 41 Eps


(41 Episodes: 1st 3 Cases) "The Misadventures of Si & Elmer" (aka "Si & Elmer") was a daily 15 minute comedic so…

Teddy's Button

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Amy Le Feuvre

Teddy loves to tell the story of how his father heroically died on the battlefield and guards his button jealously. But this brings contenti…

Moms Mabley 04 Eps


(04 Episodes from 1968) 'Moms Mabley' During the late 1960s, Moms Mabley was a very popular, hilarious, older female, stand-up comedienne. M…

Moon Mullins 03 Eps


(03 Episodes) "Moon Mullins," was an Old Time Radio situation comedy that began as a newspaper comic strip character. OTR * def gp…

The Aldrich Family 97 Eps


(97 Episodes) THE BEST sitcom BY FAR!! "The Aldrich Family" is one of those really GREAT and TIMELESS Old Time Radio sitcoms that …

The Clicking of Cuthbert

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P. G. Wodehouse

Join the Oldest Member...whether you like it or not...and be carried on a magic carpet ride through the world of golf, love, and...aunts...a…

Screen Director's Playhouse 49 04 03 The Ghost Breakers

Bob Hope plays a chicken-hearted radio host on the run from a gangster, and winds up in a haunted castle in Cuba.



The biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway recorded for AFRS during the war years, The American Forces Network can trace its origins back t…

Ford Theater 49 03 04 The Horn Blows At Midnight

This is the radio version of The Horn Blows at Midnight, starring Jack Benny, and Claude Rains. Jack, playing a minor angel named Athanael, …

Abbott And Costello 45 06 14 Costello's Father's Day Gift

Bud and Lou go shopping at the department store to find a Father's Day gift.



The biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway recorded for AFRS during the war years, The American Forces Network can trace its origins back t…

Abbott And Costello 43 11 25 Turkey Dinner

Bud tries to get Lou to kill his pet turkey Ingrid for Thanksgiving, but the turkey makes a run for it. Guest Jane Wyman.

Abbott And Costello 43 03 16 At The Circus With Alan Hale

Bud and Lou agree to help out at a charity circus.  The manager tries to get Costello to use his head as a baseball target, he refuses,…

Abbott And Costello 42 11 19 Knights In Shining Armor With Merle Oberon

Abbott and Costello are determined to produce their own picture with Merle Oberon, and begin rehearsals.

Bob Hope Show 43 12 28 Guest Cary Grant

Bob has Jerry Colonna out trying to get him a date for New Years Eve. Bob and Cary Grant perform a skit about two hicks in the big city tryi…


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George Bernard Shaw

Pygmalion (1913) is a play by George Bernard Shaw based on the Greek myth of the same name. It tells the story of Henry Higgins, a professor…

Abbott And Costello 45 03 08 New Press Agent

Bud hires Lou a publicity agent to help with the program. The boys perform in an Arabian play called "The Two Bedouins," or "…

Orson Welles Radio Almanac 44 05 17 ( 17) Guest Ann Sothern

Guest "Honest Ann Sothern", wants Orson to be her political campaign manager. Ann and Orson sing about her political views in a so…

Abbott And Costello 44 11 02 Mortimer's Pet Shop

Costello gets a job at a pet store so he can earn the money to buy an expensive dog, then sneaks the dog away from the store to enter it in …

Bob Hope Show 45 11 27 From USC, Red Skelton, Peggy Ryan

Bob plays a college freshman and then a senior, with Peggy Ryan. Bob plays football for USC, and Francis Langford brings her nephew Junior, …

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