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On the Sublime

Read by Amelia Chesley


This is a classical text on aesthetics and proper style in writing and rhetoric, including commentary on various ancient Greek works such as…

The Arte or Crafte of Rhethoryke

Read by Amelia Chesley

Leonard Cox

This text is a reprint of the first English-language book on rhetoric, including an introduction and notes from Frederic Ives Carpenter of t…

The City of Din

Read by Amelia Chesley

Dan McKenzie and Dan Mckenzie

A treatise on the increasing loudness of modern life, including philosophical and scientific discussion of what noise is, how effects us phy…

Chapter VI: Savoury Dishes - Mushrooms

In Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery

Read by Amelia Chesley

Arthur Gay Payne

This is a little cookbook of vegetarian recipes, which were only slowly gaining popularity in England at the time of its publication in 1891…

The Manner of the Nights

In The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights) Volume 10

Read by Amelia Chesley


This is a collection of stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, translators and scholars. They are an amalgam of mytho…


In Woodstock, or, The Cavalier

Read by Amelia Chesley

Sir Walter Scott

This novel is set during the English Civil War and the Commonwealth. It is comprised of real events, along with fictional ones. If you are l…

Lecture 1 of The Meaning of Relativity

In Insomnia Collection Vol. 004

Read by Amelia Chesley

Albert Einstein

Soporific dullness is in the ear of the listener, and what's tedium incarnate to one person will be another person's passion and delight. Ho…

Chapter IV: Individual Liberty and Public Control

In Political Ideals

Read by Amelia Chesley

Bertrand Russell

This is a book by the famous 20th century British philosopher Bertrand Russell on Political Ideals. It was written during the course of Worl…

The First Part. Chapter II

In The Natural History of Chocolate

Read by Amelia Chesley

D. De Quelus

The Natural History of Chocolate being a Distinct and Particular Account of the Cocoa-tree, its Growth and Culture, and the Preparation, Exc…

Editor's Introduction

In A Battle of the Books

Read by Amelia Chesley

Gail Hamilton

"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for an author to dissolve the bands which have connected him with his publis…

Chapter IV

In The Adventures of the Eleven Cuff-Buttons

Read by Amelia Chesley

James Francis Thierry

The Adventures of the Eleven Cuff-Buttons: Being one of the Exciting Episodes in the Career of the Famous Detective Hemlock Holmes as Record…

Chapter 9

In The Old Adam

Read by Amelia Chesley

Arnold Bennett

Edward Henry Machin, whose rise from humble beginnings to prosperity was told in 'The Card', leads a comfortable life in the English Midland…

Ralph Rides the Wood Under the Mountains

In The Well at the World's End: Book 3: The Road to The Well at the World's End

Read by Amelia Chesley

William Morris

In The Well at the World's End, Ralph of Upmeads, youngest son of the King of Upmeads, leaves home (where nothing exciting ever happens) wit…