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Bible (YLT) NT 27: Revelation

Read by Brooke Favorat

Young'S Literal Translation

An English translation that holds as closely as was possible to the original languages and idioms. (Summary by KevinS)

Part 2, Chapter 22

In The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations

Read by Brooke Favorat

Charlotte Mary Yonge

Join the endearing May family in small-town England as each member lives through some pivotal years. How will they face the changes that sha…

My Shadow by Robert L. Stevenson

In The Junior Classics Volume 10 Part 1: Poems Old and New

Read by Brooke Favorat

William Patten

The order of the poems has been arranged according to age from first through eight grade. The collection of poems in part 1 begins with the …

Section 5

In The Law

Read by Brooke Favorat

Frédéric Bastiat

"The law perverted! The law—and, in its wake, all the collective forces of the nation. The law, I say, not only diverted from its prope…

Chapter 1

In Home Education Series Vol. II: Parents and Children

Read by Brooke Favorat

Charlotte Mason

Volume two of the Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason talks about parents and children. Charlotte breaks down a couple of different top…