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L' anno 3000

Read by Claudia Caldi

Paolo Mantegazza

Un futuro sistema politico globale. Un confronto tra vecchi sistemi e nuovi approcci nella gestione della nostra convivenza. Pubblicato nel …

La frailocracia filipina

Read by Claudia Caldi

Marcelo H. Del Pilar Y Gatmaitán

Con estas consideraciones que invitaban a reflexionar sobre el status quo en la colonia española de Filipinas, el autor analiza el ab…

La crisi dell'infanzia e la delinquenza dei minorenni

Read by Claudia Caldi

Scipio Sighele

Giurista di formazione e docente universitario, Sighele contribuì con le sue opere ad approfondimenti in diverse discipline moderne, …

Ricordi di Londra, seguiti da Un' escursione nei quartieri poveri di Londra

Read by Claudia Caldi

Edmondo De Amicis

Questa del 1874 è la seconda edizione del volume XXII della Biblioteca di Viaggi pubblicata dai Fratelli Treves. Gli editori vi riuni…


In The Mystery of Easter Island: the Story of an Expedition

Read by Claudia Caldi

Katherine Routledge

To this day, Easter Island, with its magnificent stone structures, remains an enigma. Katherine Routledge was part of an exhaustive archaeol…

Italian - Dell'attaccar lite

In Multilingual Short Works Collection 034 - Poetry & Prose

Read by Claudia Caldi

Cesare Cantù

This is our 34th collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard Engli…

Epitaph on a Sailor

In Short Story Collection Vol. 106

Read by Claudia Caldi

Robert Duncan Milne

This collection is for any short story in the English Language in the public domain, selected and read by Librivox volunteers. This collecti…

Diderot (1891)

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 097

Read by Claudia Caldi

Havelock Ellis

"One does not care to walk over a rug or carpet that displays a scene in perspective, neither does one wish to gaze into a landscape wr…

The City of Blood

In Short Ghost and Horror Collection 068

Read by Claudia Caldi

Anna Bonus Kingsford

A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, four-legged beasts and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your…

The Black Patch By Randolph Hartley

In Short Stories From Life

Read by Claudia Caldi


Life Magazine held a short story contest. Stories must be no more than 1500 words. Authors were paid for the number of words under that maxi…

The Sexual Life of Our Time in its Relations to Modern Civilization (1908)

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 094

Read by Claudia Caldi

Iwan Bloch

"Fine experience lies at one's own doorstep" writes Raymond S. Spears, suggesting that boating on the Mississippi River offers &qu…


In The Junior Classics Volume 1: Fairy and Wonder Tales (version 2)

Read by Claudia Caldi

William Patten

Oh boy! Fairy Tales and Wonder Tales. This is exactly what you are thinking about but with a twist. Of course the well known tales from F…

I meant to do my work to-day

In Short Poetry Collection 233

Read by Claudia Caldi

Richard le Gallienne

This is a collection of 45 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for October 2022.

Industry Under Socialism

In Fabian Essays in Socialism

Read by Claudia Caldi

Annie Besant

The Fabian Society is a British institution, which, though radical, advocated social reform through legislative rather than revolutionary me…