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How to Tell a Story, and Other Essays

Read by Claudia Salto

Mark Twain

In his inimitable way, Mark Twain gives sound advice about how to tell a story, then lets us in on some curious incidents he experienced, an…

Our Little German Cousin

Read by Claudia Salto

Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade

This book is part of the "Our Little Cousin" series, written for North American children to tell them about their 'cousins' from o…

John Gutenberg, First Master Printer: His Acts and Most Remarkable Discourses a…

Read by Claudia Salto

Franz Von Dingelstedt

This is a brief sketch of the last years of the life of Johannes (John) Gutenberg, the man who invented the movable letter press. We join hi…

Backfischchen's Leiden und Freuden

Read by Claudia Salto

Clementine Helm

Dieses Buch der im 19. Jahrhundert sehr erfolgreichen Jugendschriftstellerin Clementine Helm erzählt auf liebevolle Weise die Geschicht…

Modern Chivalry

In Selected Lead Articles from "THE DAWN"

Read by Claudia Salto

Louisa Lawson

Louisa Lawson, the mother of Australian writer Henry Lawson, was the founder, publisher and editor of an early feminist journal in Sydney na…

Das Lied von der roten Nase

In Sammlung deutscher Gedichte 037

Read by Claudia Salto

Wilhelm Busch

Eine Sammlung von 25 deutschen Gedichten für LibriVox. Eine Liste weiterer kurzer Aufnahmen (Erzählungen, Gedichte, Märchen, …

The Gold Tree, by Rudolf Baumbach

In The Meadow Sprite, and Other Tales of Modern Germany

Read by Claudia Salto

Richard von Volkmann and Rudolf Baumbach, Rudolf Baumbach, Richard von Volkmann and Richard Von Volkmann

Gertrude Schottenfels has collected and arranged eleven original tales from Germany in this volume. Ms Schottenfels alternates between stori…

Chapter i, The Man Animal and Nature's Timepieces

In Time Telling Through the Ages

Read by Claudia Salto

Harry Chase Brearley

A history of timekeeping from the stone age through to American mass production, covering timepieces from the sundial and water clock throug…

A Wraith of Summertime - Read by CCS

In A Wraith of Summertime

Read by Claudia Salto

James Whitcomb Riley

LibriVox volunteers bring you 22 recordings of A Wraith of Summertime by James Whitcomb Riley.This was the Weekly Poetry project for Octobe…

A Canadian Song - Read by CCS

In A Canadian Song

Read by Claudia Salto

Susanna Moodie

LibriVox volunteers bring you 26 recordings of A Canadian Song by Susanna Moodie..This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 25, 2020. …

A Warning - Read by CCS

In A Warning

Read by Claudia Salto

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of A Warning by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.This was the Weekly Poetry project for November 15, 2020. …


In Adventskalender 2020

Read by Claudia Salto

Damen Conversations Lexikon

Diese Sammlung ist ein Adventskalender und enthält für jeden Tag vom 1. bis 24. Dezember eine Aufnahme über Weihnachten, den …

The Shadow - Read by CCS

In A Shadow

Read by Claudia Salto

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

LibriVox volunteers bring you 21 recordings of The Shadow BY Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This was the Weekly Poetry project for September 2…

Duty - Read by CCS

In Duty

Read by Claudia Salto

Ellen Sturgis Hooper

LibriVox volunteers bring you 25 recordings of Duty by Ellen Sturgis Hooper.This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 4, 2020. ------ E…

Der Mann im Keller

In Short Poetry Collection 120

Read by Claudia Salto

Eugene Field (1850-1895) and Eugene Field

This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for May 2013.

For Dolly, who does not Learn her Lessons - Read by CS

In For Dolly, who does not Learn her Lessons

Read by Claudia Salto

E. Nesbit

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of For Dolly, who does not Learn her Lessons by E. Nesbit. This was the Weekly Poetry project fo…