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15 - Jealousies

In The Moving Picture Girls

Read by Cori Samuel

Laura Lee Hope

Ruth and Alice DeVere and their father Hosmer struggle to make ends meet in New York City - times are hard, even for a talented actor like M…

A Conscience Pudding

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2007

Read by Cori Samuel

E. Nesbit

LibriVox’s 2007 Christmas Short Works Collection containing public domain short stories, essays, poems, and scripture passages recorded by a…

Chapter I

In The Little Duke

Read by Cori Samuel

Charlotte M. Yonge and Charlotte Mary Yonge

The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge is historical fiction based on the the life of Richard, Duke of Normandy. He assumes the title of Duke…

Chapter 3 - Fooling the People

In U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency, "Aldrich plan."

Read by Cori Samuel

Alfred Owen Crozier

In 1908, the National Monetary Commission was established by Congress to study financial boom-and-bust cycles. Senator Nelson Aldrich (Repub…

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