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24 - Lt. Cushing and the Ram "Albermarle"

In Hero Tales from American History

Read by David Leeson

Theodore Roosevelt

Its purpose … is to tell in simple fashion the story of some Americans who showed that they knew how to live and how to die; who proved thei…

Book 3, part 3

In Herodotus' Histories Vol 1

Read by David Leeson


The Histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus is considered the first work of history in Western literature. Written about 440 BC, the Histori…

Part 1 (ch. 1-19)

In The First Apology of Justin Martyr

Read by David Leeson

Saint Justin Martyr

The purpose of the Apology is to prove to the emperors, renowned as upright and philosophical men, the injustice of the persecution of the C…

Revisits Island

In The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Read by David Leeson

Daniel Defoe

“THE FARTHER ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE; Being the Second and Last Part OF HIS LIFE, And of the Strange Surprizing Accounts of his Travel…

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