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Bk1, C1-Ancient Mexico,its climate and its products

In History of the Conquest of Mexico

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

William H. Prescott

Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold,And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;Round many western islands have I beenWhich bards in fe…

A Nocturnal Visit

In The Count of Monte Cristo

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo (French: Le Comte de Monte-Cristo) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It is often considered, …

Ode to Autumn - Read by DS

In Ode to Autumn

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

John Keats

LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 different recordings of Ode to Autumn by John Keats. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of Nov…


In Current Superstitions

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Fanny Dickerson Bergen

No matter how enlightened, chances are you've been raised around superstitious lore of one kind or another. Fanny Dickerson Bergen was one o…

03 - The Story of Prometheus

In Old Greek Stories

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

James Baldwin

A retelling of old Greek stories involving mythological heroes and their adventures. Tales include those of Prometheus, Io, Perseus and Thes…

Widowers and Widows

In The Spinster Book

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Myrtle Reed

A cross between guidebook and social commentary, The Spinster Book gives clever and humorous insights on topics such as courting, handling m…

Chapter 1

In Main Street

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Sinclair Lewis

Carol Milford is a liberal, free-spirited young woman, reared in the metropolis of Minneapolis. She marries Will Kennicott, a doctor, who is…

Motion Pictures

In Edison, His Life and Inventions

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin and Frank Lewis Dyer

A detailed biography of Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of such things as the telephone, the microphone, the electric motor, the storage batter…

Useful Phrases: pacific disposition - political malcontent

In Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)

Grenville Kleiser

A Practical Handbook of Pertinent Expressions, Striking Similes, Literary, Commercial, Conversational, and Oratorical Terms, for the Embelli…

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