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Redskin and Cow-Boy: A Tale of the Western Plains

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G. A. Henty

The central interest of this story is found in the many adventures of an English lad who seeks employment as a cowboy on a cattle ranch. His…

Katharine von Bora: Dr. Martin Luther's Wife

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Armin Stein

This is a fictionalized biography of the wife of the reformer Dr. Martin Luther. In the author's words, he hopes that "people may learn…

To the Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts- Aug 3, 1770

In The Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 2

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Samuel Adams

Most Americans and many of other nationalities have heard of Samuel Adams. He was regarded in the Pre-Revolutionary Period of American Histo…

Cologne, Lorraine and Alsace

In Charles the Bold, Last Duke of Burgundy

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Ruth Putnam

Charles the Bold was the last Duke of Burgundy of the House of Valois. Born in 1433, his dream was to be crowned king by declaring the terri…


In Marooned in the Forest: The Story of a Primitive Fight for Life

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Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Lost in the depths of the forest without food, fire, weapons, or compass, what is a young man to do? This "modern-day" Robinson C…