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More Tuck-Me-In Stories

Read by Jenn Broda

Enos Benjamin Comstock

This charming book is full of short stories about the adventures and troubles animals find themselves in. Each tale contains an important l…

The Baby's Opera

Read by Jenn Broda

Walter Crane

The Baby's Opera is a charming book of 36 nursery rhymes set to music. It contains several favorites from "Three Blind Mice" to &…

What Happened Then Stories

Read by Jenn Broda

Ruth O. Dyer

Have you ever wondered what happens after the story ended? Ruth O. Dyer answers that question using some of the best loved children stories…

A Christmas Honeymoon

Read by Jenn Broda

Frances Aymar Mathews

Newlyweds Betty Revere and Peter Van Zandt are completely smitten with each other. Their wedding is said to have been one of the most beaut…

Exile from Space

Read by Jenn Broda

Judith Merril

“Who was this strange girl who had been born in this place—and still it wasn't her home? ‘They’ worried about the impression she'd make”. “…

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes": the illuminating diary of a professional lady

Read by Jenn Broda

Anita Loos

In this comic novel written by American author Anita Loos, we follow the adventures of the fictional character Lorelei Lee who is a young bl…

A Dreadful Temptation

Read by Jenn Broda

Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller and Mrs. Alex Mcveigh Miller

Jilted by the man she loves, Xenie Carroll has determined that no matter the cost she will exact the ultimate revenge on he who broke her he…

Farewell Love! A Novel

Read by Jenn Broda

Matilde Serao

This tragic love story begins by meeting the passionate Anna Acquaviva who is willing to leave her position in society to elope with her lov…

When Woman Proposes

Read by Jenn Broda

Anne Warner

Does love at first sight exist? The heroine of this story, Natalie, seems to think so and is willing to move heaven and earth in order to m…

The Woman in the Alcove (Version 2)

Read by Jenn Broda

Anna Katharine Green

Rita Van Arsdale falls in love and is proposed to by the gentleman Mr. Durand during a fancy high society party. She has landed the man of h…

The Sky Woman

Read by Jenn Broda

Charles B. Stilson

"Yee-mah! Yee-mah! Alla ferma na somma!"The words will ring in my ears forever until I die! What do they mean? Who uttered them? W…

The House in the Pasture

In The Tale of Billy Woodchuck

Read by Jenn Broda

Arthur Scott Bailey

This collection of short stories is about the amusing adventures of Billy Woodchuck and the other animals he encounters around Pleasant Vall…

Picture-Books In Winter - Read by JLB

In Picture-Books In Winter

Read by Jenn Broda

Robert Louis Stevenson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 26 recordings of Picture-Books In Winter by Robert Louis Stevenson.This was the Weekly Poetry project for Febr…

The Ambitious Thrush

In The Fir-Tree Fairy Book

Read by Jenn Broda

Clifton Johnson

In this volume, Clifton Johnson has compiled his favourite fairy tales. We hear a lot of animals, because fairy tales with animals in them a…

Michael Angelo's ''Dawn'' - Read by JLB

In Michael Angelo's "Dawn"

Read by Jenn Broda

Margaret Steele Anderson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 18 recordings of Michael Angelo's "Dawn" by Margaret Steele Anderson.This was the Weekly Poetry proj…

Something in the Sky

In The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk

Read by Jenn Broda

Arthur Scott Bailey

Arthur Scott Bailey, a native of the state of Vermont, wrote over forty children's books using a variety of animals, birds and even insects …