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Part 3, Chapter 20, The Constitution of the State, Part 2

In Social Statics

Read by Jim Locke

Herbert Spencer

Social Statics, or The Conditions essential to Happiness specified, and the First of them Developed is an 1851 book by the British polymath …

Chapters 1-4

In A Voice From Harper's Ferry

Read by Jim Locke

Osborne Perry Anderson

A Voice from Harper's Ferry is the abolitionist testament of Osborne Perry Anderson, the only surviving black participant in the 1859 raid o…

Chapter 2 Part 1

In The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783

Read by Jim Locke

Alfred Thayer Mahan

The Influence of Sea Power Upon History: 1660–1783 is a history of naval warfare written in 1890 by Alfred Thayer Mahan. It details the role…

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