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Ch 4 On Board the Minnehaha

In Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 2: Born to Good Luck; or The Boy Who Succeeded

Read by Keith Salis

Frank Tousey

Dick Armstrong is an enterprising young man who works his way out of a slave-labor situation to become a successful businessman at only age …


In The Lion's Brood

Read by Keith Salis

Duffield Osborne

"Centuries come and go; but the plot of the drama is unchanged, and the same characters play the same parts. Only the actors cast for t…

An Unexpected Blow

In The Boy Scouts on Lost Trail

Read by Keith Salis

Thornton W. Burgess

Walter Upton again sets out with a group of boys on a great adventure in the North Woods, this time on foot. They've heard of a trail that h…

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