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23 - Cuffy Bear Grows Sleepy

In The Tale of Cuffy Bear

Read by Kimberly Krause

Arthur Scott Bailey

A whimsical tale about the life of Cuffy bear on Blue Mountain. Cuffy is a very mischievous, disobedient bear who gets into all kinds of scr…

The Shepherd Boy

In Bunyan Characters Volume II

Read by Kimberly Krause

Alexander Whyte

This is the second volume of four which goes into the details of Characters from John Bunyan's books. This one continues with the characters…

03 - "Come here! Come here!" entreated the Cardinal

In The Song of the Cardinal

Read by Kimberly Krause

Gene Stratton Porter and Gene Stratton-Porter

The Song of the Cardinal is about a big male Cardinal who lives in a tree near a farmer and his wife. The Cardinal immediately starts to sin…


In Rilla of Ingleside (version 2)

Read by Kimberly Krause

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Rilla of Ingleside (1921) is the final book in the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, but was the sixth of the eight "…


In Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons

Read by Kimberly Krause

Arabella M. Willson

This book follows the three amazing stories of Adoniram Judson's wives, Ann, Sarah, and Emily. Each wife went through incredible hardships, …

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