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The Beast in the Jungle

Read by Rob James

Henry James

'The Beast in the Jungle' is a 1903 novella by Henry James, first published as part of the collection, The Better Sort. Almost universally c…

Bible (WEB) NT 20: James

Read by Robert Scott

World English Bible

The Book of James : Supposed to have been written by James the Brother of Jesus and First Leader of the Christian movement in Jerusalem afte…

Letters of Oscar Wilde, Volume 1 (1868-1890)

Read by Rob Marland

Oscar Wilde

This first collection of the correspondence of Oscar Wilde begins with the Irish playwright's earliest extant letter, thanking his mother fo…

Oscar Wilde from Purgatory

Read by Rob Marland

Hester Travers Smith

Hester Dowden, who wrote under the name Hester Travers Smith, was an Irish spiritualist medium. She claimed to have communicated with the sp…

“Mr. Oscar Wilde on Mr. Oscar Wilde,” St. James’s Gazette (London, UK), 18 Jan.…

In Oscar Wilde: The Complete Interviews

Read by Rob Marland


This complete collection of Oscar Wilde’s English language interviews gives listeners the opportunity to hear one of history’s greatest conv…

Major James Hersey

In The Red Cross Girls with Pershing to Victory

Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson

Margaret Vandercook

This novel set in the time of WWI, is the 8th in a series of 10. The lives and adventures of these heroic young women change rapidly as they…

Exchange with the editor of the St James's Gazette, 26-28 June 1890 (re: critic…

In Letters of Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 (1890-1895)

Read by Rob Marland

Oscar Wilde

This second collection of the correspondence of Oscar Wilde includes letters written when the Irish playwright was at the height of his succ…

book VII, chapter XLV

In The Tragic Muse

Read by RobThomas

Henry James

Art or politics, this is the question Nick Dormer dealls with in the course of this novel. Mirian Ruth, an aspiring actress, is the "tr…


In Speeches: Literary and Social

Read by Bryn Roberts

Charles Dickens

Speeches: Literary and Social is a collection of speeches given by Charles Dickens in various settings, including banquets, public gathering…

Raven's Gift

Read by Tobias D. Robison

Tobias D. Robison

When Raven comes to Redthwen to meet her mentor Orvannon, she encounters a vicious traveler, a hag with an extraordinary Voice of Command, a…

The Fifteen Acres - Read by RR

In The Fifteen Acres

Read by robrestivo

James Stephens

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of The Fifteen Acres by James Stephens.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for July 31, 2022…

A Spring Song And A Later - Read by RR

In A Spring Song And A Later

Read by robrestivo

James Whitcomb Riley

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of A Spring Song And A Later by James Whitcomb Riley.This was the Weekly Poetry project for May …

The Victorian Room--and James

In A Moment of Time

Read by Agnes Robert Behr

Richard Hughes

British author Richard Hughes is perhaps most well-known for his sea-faring adventure novel A High Wind in Jamaica, but a dive into his shor…

Federalist No. 14 by James Madison

In The Federalist Papers

Read by Robert Scott

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison and James Madison

The Federalist Papers (correctly known as The Federalist) are a series of 85 articles advocating the ratification of the United States Const…