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Chapter I: The Psychic Messages and Automatic Writings of Oscar Wilde - part 2

In Oscar Wilde from Purgatory

Read by Rob Marland

Hester Travers Smith

Hester Dowden, who wrote under the name Hester Travers Smith, was an Irish spiritualist medium. She claimed to have communicated with the sp…

The Disciple by Oscar Wilde

In Short Story Collection Vol. 083

Read by Rob Marland

Oscar Wilde

And so we present the 83rd installment of the Librivox Short Story Collection! Each tale is selected and read by a Librivox volunteer. This …

The White Terror

In Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 3, May 1906

Read by Rob Marland


"Mother Earth was an American anarchist journal that described itself as "A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Social Science and Literat…

Dramatis personae

In Amends for Ladies

Read by Rob Marland

Nathan Field

Amends for Ladies falls within the genre of Jacobean city comedy. Three women debate which has the better lot: a maid, a wife, or a widow. L…

Sketch XIII--Two 'Rice' Christians

In Chinese Diamonds for the King of Kings

Read by Rob Marland

Rosalind Goforth

In this small book Rosalind Goforth tells many stories of 'diamonds' in China that have been tested and come out pure in the King of Kings' …

The Sphinx Without a Secret

In Short Story Collection Vol. 055

Read by Rob Marland

Oscar Wilde

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 055: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members, i…

Sonnet on the Sonnet

In The Collected Poems of Lord Alfred Douglas

Read by Rob Marland

Lord Alfred Douglas

This is a chronologically arranged collection of poems compiled by the author in his late 40s, after he had discarded the Uranian themes of …

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