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Ch.13 The Bretheren of the Main

In In the Wake of the Buccaneers

Read by Steven Seitel

Alpheus Hyatt Verrill

Ah, the Buccaneers... “We hear much of the bold, wild ways of these adventurers; Perchance it is the fact that we all appreciate bravery—and…

Chapter 11

In The Frozen Pirate

Read by Steven Seitel

W. Clark Russell and William Clark Russell

Sailing adventure with storms, icebergs, shipwrecks, treasure, and the reawakening of a pirate frozen in suspended animation for nearly fift…

Forging the Fetters

In At the Time Appointed

Read by Steven Seitel

A. Maynard Barbour and Anna Maynard Barbour

"Those who remember that excellent detective story, That Mainwaring Affair will expect to find plenty of mystery and exciting incidents…

04 A Romance of the Salvages

In The Cruise of the Alerte - In Search of Treasure

Read by Steven Seitel

Edward Frederick Knight

The book describes a voyage undertaken in 1889 by an English barrister Edward Frederick Knight to the South Seas. This delightful story take…

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