Fibber McGee & Molly! 1930s (63 Eps)

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(63 Episodes) "The Fibber McGee & Molly Show," one of the longest-running radio sitcoms, premiered on NBC Radio Network in 1935, remaining popular until its demise in 1959, long after radio had ceased to be the dominant form of American household entertainment. * SYNOPSIS: Much of the show's humor relied on recurring gags, unseen regulars & punchlines that popped up here & there for its many broadcast years. ** THE McGEE'S HALL CLOSET **: One of the running FM&M jokes was about the McGee's hall closet. For example, "Fibber Snoops For Presents In Closet." Another closet storyline was the episode named "Hall Closet." These are just two of the many FM&M episodes which brought up mention of Fibber's messy hallway closet.* * SPONSOR: In a style not unusual for the classic radio years, the program would usually open the 29-and-a-half minute broadcast with the audience in full laughter, as Harlow Wilcox announced: "The Johnson Wax Program with Fibber McGee and Molly!" Wilcox's intro pitch lines usually were met with groans or humorously sarcastic lines by Fibber. During the many years that the show was sponsored by Johnson Wax, Fibber nicknamed Wilcox "Waxy," due to Wilcox's constant praises of their various products. Each episode also featured a mid-show appearance by announcer, Harlow Wilcox, whose job it was to weave the second ad for the sponsor into the plot without having to break the show for a real commercial. * JIM & MARIAN JORDAN: The stars of the program, natives of Peoria, Illinois, were real-life husband James "Jim" Jordan (Nov 16 1896 - April 1 1988) and wife, Marian Driscoll (April 15 1898 - April 7 1961). Jordan was the 7th of 8 children born to James Edward Jordan and Mary (nee Tighe) Jordan while Driscoll was the 7th & final child born to Daniel P. and Anna (nee Carroll) Driscoll. Both Jim & Marian attended the same Catholic Church, where they met, and married in 1918. They had two children, both born in Peoria, Kathryn Therese Jordan (1920-2007) & James Carroll Jordan (1923-1998). * Source: Wikipedia OTR * def gp ddh

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FM&M 1931 Jim & Marian Jordon Sing Smackout 19:30
FM&M 1935-04-16 #0001 Motorcycle Cop 28:39
FM&M 1935-04-30 #0003 Hot Dogs & a Blowout 29:07
FM&M 1935-07-15 #0014 A Dip in the Ocean 29:13
FM&M 1935-07-22 #0015 The Baseball Instructor 28:14
FM&M 1935-08-26 #0020 The McGee's Win 79 Wistful Vista 29:48
FM&M 1935-09-23 #0024 Anything to Get Out of Scrubbing Back Porch 29:37
FM&M 1935-10-28 #0029 Gildy's Halloween Party 28:28
FM&M 1935-12-09 #0035 Christmas Shopping 29:26
FM&M 1935-12-30 #0038 New Year's Celebration 29:42
FM&M 1936-01-22 Amateur Show One Long Pan 58:05
FM&M 1936-03-02 #0047 Encyclopedia Salesman 28:44
FM&M 1936-04-20 #0054 Streetcar Motorman McGee 23:52
FM&M 1936-05-04 #0056 The Haircut 21:44
FM&M 1936-06-22 #0063 The Employment Agency 29:27
FM&M 1937-04-26 #0107 They Take off for Hollywood 28:09
FM&M 1937-06-07 #0113 Molly Loses Her Diamond Ring 28:27
FM&M 1937-06-28 #0116 The Human Cannonball 25:22
FM&M 1937-07-05 #0117 Getting out of Hollywood Lease 29:55
FM&M 1937-07-19 #0119 Homecoming Program 28:52
FM&M 1937-09-13 #0127 Drama in Ancient Rome 30:39
FM&M 1937-10-11 #0131 Shopping for a New Car 29:02
FM&M 1937-12-27 #0142 Heir to Oil Wells Estate 10:33
FM&M 1938-01-24 #0146 McGee Minds a Baby 21:13
FM&M 1938-02-07 #0148 McGee Builds A Fireplace 19:54
FM&M 1938-12-20 #0184 Xmas Gift for McGee's Nephew 29:46
FM&M 1939-01-24 #0189 Missing Shirt Collar Button 29:09
FM&M 1939-01-31 #0190 Military Advisor For Army Manoeuvers 28:42
FM&M 1939-02-07 #0191 Faulty Window Shade 31:12
FM&M 1939-02-14 #0192 Out of Coal & Frozen Water Pipes 30:02
FM&M 1939-02-21 #0193 After Dinner Speaker at the Rotowantis 25:01
FM&M 1939-02-28 #0194 Mouse in the House 29:54
FM&M 1939-03-07 #0195 McGee's Hamburger Joint 29:58
FM&M 1939-03-14 #0196 The Gildersleeve Memory Course 29:33
FM&M 1939-03-21 #0197 The Spring Haircut 29:40
FM&M 1939-03-28 #0198 Inherited Yacht 29:54
FM&M 1939-04-04 #0199 Antique Furniture 28:56
FM&M 1939-04-11 #0200 The Mailmen 30:15
FM&M 1939-04-18 #0201 Molly Returns - Sets up Budget 31:23
FM&M 1939-04-25 #0202 McGee Gets Glasses 29:43
FM&M 1939-05-16 #0205 Zither Lessons and Buried Treasure 28:53
FM&M 1939-05-23 #0206 The Stork 29:50
FM&M 1939-05-30 #0207 Escaped Convicts 28:33
FM&M 1939-06-06 #0208 McGee the Wrestler 29:37
FM&M 1939-06-13 #0209 Advice Column (Aunt Molly) 29:43
FM&M 1939-06-20 #0210 Toothache (Dr. Gildersleeve, Denturist) 28:56
FM&M 1939-09-05 #0212 McGee's Fish Fry 29:47
FM&M 1939-09-12 #0213 15th Anniversary (Elopement) 29:46
FM&M 1939-09-19 #0214 Newspaper Column 29:53
FM&M 1939-09-26 #0215 Fibber Fakes Illness To Avoid Fixing Screens 29:51
FM&M 1939-10-03 #0216 Killer Canova's Autograph 29:43
FM&M 1939-10-10 #0217 Rummage Sale - Bazaar 29:52
FM&M 1939-10-17 #0218 Raking Leaves 29:54
FM&M 1939-10-24 #0219 Halloween Party At Gildersleeves' 28:46
FM&M 1939-10-31 #0220 Annual Auto Show 29:40
FM&M 1939-11-07 #0221 Hiawatha 29:58
FM&M 1939-11-14 #0222 Traffic Ticket 29:07
FM&M 1939-11-21 #0223 Overdue Library Book 29:49
FM&M 1939-11-28 #0224 Finance Company Is After Car 29:54
FM&M 1939-12-05 #0225 McGees Are Adjusters at Bonton Dept Store 29:44
FM&M 1939-12-12 #0226 Jewelry Store Robbery 29:51
FM&M 1939-12-19 #0227 Package from Uncle Sycamore Arrives 29:36
FM&M 1939-12-26 #0228 Butler Gildersleeve 29:49


441114 Fibber goes to night school

(5 stars)

'Fibber goes to night school': wonderfully wacky! the cast is in fine form, even Johnson Wax pitchman Harlow Wilcox, who Fibber dubs 'Waxy' . Great malaprops, a clever song in act 2, and a trip to THE closet, which is even opened ! (If you are fortunate enough to be just discovering this show, the closet was used very sparingly to tease the wildly popular show's fans. It might be only mentioned; or Fibber begins to open it and is distracted = no closet. The longer the sound of things crashing out IF he does open it, the happier the fans! This was so popular it has become an expression you may have used yourself-- even if you were born decades after the show went off the air: 'Fibber McGee's closet'.)

Fibber McGee & molly cherished OTR program

(5 stars)

Fibber McGee I did not discover the show until relatively recent- even tho' I listen to a LOT of otr programs- not sure why I didn't listen to them earlier, but I adore them. Sure wish I had grown up during the era these were aired on radio. What a wonderful time, and what great, really hilarious skits & jokes! I am no where near old enough to "remember OTR" but these are gold.

A few errors in dates.

(5 stars)

Thanks for posting these! Just a note on a couple of shows. FM&M 1936-01-22 Amateur Show One Long Pan is a Fred Allen. FM&M 1936-05-04 #0056 The Haircut is really a cut version of fm390321 Fibber Thinks he is going bald. FM&M 1937-06-07 #0113 Molly Loses Her Diamond Ring is really fm420203 Lost Diamond Ring. FM&M 1937-07-19 #0119 Homecoming Program is really fm400409 Returning from acting in Lux Radio Theatre.

Harlow call me "Harpo" Wilcox

(5 stars)

I had to listen to the series a couple of times before I was sure but, for at least part of the first season, Harlow Wilcox introduced himself as "Harlow, call me 'Harpo' Wilcox. I imagine conflict with the popular Marx Brother of that name resulting in the new, and certainly more apt, nickname "Waxy".

Good to have the '30s in one place

(5 stars)

The Fibber '30s clips have been absent from Archive for a long time. One tech note: the clip labeled 1935-07-22 #0015 The Baseball Instructor is actually from 1942. It's really this episode: 420421_Out_To_The_Ballgame.mp3 though it may not be the same physical recording.

Fiber McGee & Molly

(5 stars)

Someone should check dates. Gildys first appearance was 10-03-39. Earlier shows dated here have his name in title. If he wasn't yet on the show show,how could that happen?

File Sizes

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Why are some of the files around 50MB? That's huge compared to other Fibber McGee & Molly (or in these cases, Fibber McGee & Company) files.

Greatest Radio Show - Just My Opinion

(5 stars)

Fibber McGee & Molly is my all time favorite show, especially the pre-war years.