You're Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job

Read by Lorne Epstein

(4.5 stars; 141 reviews)

You're Hired! - Interview Skills to Get the Job demystifies the interviewing process with wisdom and wit from an authoritative source.

For first-time job seekers and seasoned professionals alike, the realities of the current job market make a competitive edge mission- critical. In You're Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job, corporate recruitment specialist and motivational speaker Lorne Epstein prepares both novice and just-plain-nervous job seekers for the interviewing experience with insider tips and strategic advice.

This book is a practical, engaging and altogether indispensable career companion. After reading this book you will learn what to do before, during, and after the interview to ensure you're success!

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01 - Introduction Read by Lorne Epstein
02 - Preparing for the Interview 1 Read by Lorne Epstein
03 - Preparing for the Interview 2 Read by Lorne Epstein
04 - During the Interview 1 Read by Lorne Epstein
05 - During the Interview 2 Read by Lorne Epstein
06 - After the Interview 1 Read by Lorne Epstein
07 - After the Interview 2 Read by Lorne Epstein


Extremely helpful!!

(5 stars)

I am in the position of wanting to further my career. I stumbled upon this book and was very impressed by not only the information given, but having the author himself read the book to me in a clear and concise manner, made me want to continue listening. The author has a great comforting and empowering voice at the same time. I love this book very much. Thank you! :)

(0 stars)

If you decide to read the first page, you will want to read the rest. The book helps you to get hired much more easily. I don't normally like books like this, but this one is an exception.

Took away some great tips

(5 stars)

I wrote some tips down to use on my interviews. I like that the author is an actual recruiter, so he knows exactly what he is speaking about!

(0 stars)

You had me with the first sentence. This book is both fun and informative with a plain, "Regular Joe" style. I highly recommend it and suggest that anyone reading my words simply listen to the first episode and judge for yourself. I can't believe this has been on since ...

(0 stars)

Zeus, Hey! Thanks for the kind words and getting my plain spoken style. I just ran a promotion and gave away 300 copies of my kindle version of this book on Amazon. I want get give more away later on. Thanks! Lorne

Good book to who is trying to get a job

(5 stars)

Good tips, excellent insights to make you realize and think about to do or react in an job interview.

An excellent piece of work

(5 stars)

Read by the author himself, the audiobook is simply awesome. Very helpful and informative.

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(4.5 stars)