Your Bridge To Money

Read by Michael Sean Finley

(4.7 stars; 132 reviews)

Your Bridge To Money is a life guide for your personal finances.

The Author is an average guy who simply has a passion for personal finance. I am not promising riches here, although a very comfortable life may be a reasonable outcome of using some of the ideas in this book.

I will explore money basics plus many unique twists on traditional financial thinking in an easily understandable manner.

So if you are just starting out in your financial life or you are simply looking for (what I hope to be) an interesting book on personal finance, then this book is for you. So please join me on your new financial journey as we cross Your Bridge To Money.

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(5 stars)

Wonderful book. Simple and easy steps to make life better wealthier and healthier. In my opinion, the earliest you adopt to these simple steps, the best once life going to be. Book is very precise yet very clear in details. Great narration by author. I liked every chapter of the book. In short, this book has given me life time lessons. Infact I couldn't able to stop myself and recommended this to many of my near and dear as well. Good Luck.

Excellent book

(5 stars)

Well this book has great advice regarding how to better handle money. And I enjoyed listening to this book because it was like the author was sitting across the table speaking to me. This book is both helpful and keeps my interest because of the conversational manner in this Audiobook.

(0 stars)

I found this full of common sense and several good tips. I would like for more detail to be given in some of the examples, though. Like, which programs you used when doing your own reseach into cost of interest, for one. It is interesting to know what is out ...

(0 stars)

Hello Nelline. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my book, and for taking the time to comment on it. It really means a lot to me :). Regarding the software used to calculate the cost of interest, I agree with you 100%. It was my intention to ...

(0 stars)

Thank you!!! dear michael i came across this "podiobook" searching for something to listen to on my long drive delivering coffee and took your advise on impluse buying and so every time i thought that i needed something i just didn't get it and put the money in my glove ...

(0 stars)

Thank you listening to my book and sharing your thoughts and experiences Dwight, I really appreciate it. Although I would like to take credit for your experience, in all honesty I cannot. Removing emotions from impulse spending is key to controlling "the fix" for sure. But you took it a ...


(5 stars)

Quite an interesting book with practical and applicable knowledge. It contains almost every aspect of financial wisdom I have been looking for. Since I love hardcopies I should get it to reread it. Thanks sharing.

content of the book: your bridge to money

(5 stars)

the depth of the content is superb. the author has done his ultimate contribution in helping aware people achieve the best lifestyle!