The Crocodile

Read by Tony Addison

(4.4 stars; 24 reviews)

Ivan Matveich, the most ordinary person you might hope to meet, is swallowed alive by a crocodile at a sideshow. Finding life inside the belly of the beast quite comfortable, he makes a home for himself there. His disquisitions on the state of the world from inside the crocodile make him quite a name for himself; while all the while the discussion rages outside as to whether the beast is going to be cut open to release him or not, its value as a sideshow attraction having massively increased owing to the presence of the human voice buried inside it. One of Jorge Luis Borges' seven most favourite stories. - Summary by Tony Addison (1 hr 59 min)


Chapter One 32:28 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Two 24:28 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Three 37:49 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Four 25:01 Read by Tony Addison


difficult reading style

(3 stars)

It's an entertaining story but the reader was difficult for me.


(5 stars)

Dostoevsky has always been a favorite, and this gentleman's reading style is awesome!


(5 stars)

This is quite different and yet funny. The reader is excellent!