The Uphill Climb

Read by Tom Penn

(4.4 stars; 94 reviews)

Ford Campbell is a hard-working, honest, decent cowboy—when he’s sober. But give him a bottle of whiskey and all bets are off. Usually it just makes him rowdy, but this time…well, this time he thinks there might just have been a wedding. Was he the groom? Who was the bride? And where is she? ( Tom Penn) (5 hr 15 min)


Married! And I Don't Know Her Name! 24:44 Read by Tom Penn
Wanted: Information 21:10 Read by Tom Penn
One Way to Drown Sorrow 19:15 Read by Tom Penn
Reaction 12:44 Read by Tom Penn
I Can Spare this Particular Girl 20:34 Read by Tom Penn
The Problem of Getting Somewhere 8:01 Read by Tom Penn
The Foreman of the Double Cross 18:24 Read by Tom Penn
I Wish You'd Quit Believing in Me! 19:19 Read by Tom Penn
Impressions 17:52 Read by Tom Penn
In Which the Demon Opens an Eye and Yawns 16:30 Read by Tom Penn
It's Going to Be an Uphill Climb! 22:20 Read by Tom Penn
At Hand-Grips with the Demon 24:33 Read by Tom Penn
A Plan Gone Wrong 15:11 Read by Tom Penn
The Feminine Point of View 13:38 Read by Tom Penn
The Climb 31:15 Read by Tom Penn
To Find and Free a Wife 18:22 Read by Tom Penn
What Ford Found at the Top 11:28 Read by Tom Penn


(3 stars)

I guess it's kind of a cute story. When the guy was drunk I just wanted to throat punch him but he became better in time. You'll figure out most of the story before the ending. Still, it's a decent time passer.

great Funny story! the reader was phenomenal! 😂

(5 stars)

it's a simple story yes but still good made even better by a great narrator! very funny stuff here. great tongue in cheek fun with the character named Dick lol

(2 stars)

Yeah, yeah, well read, but dull, the main character wasnt very appealing, hoped he'd be shot at some point, no such luck, he got married though so he got what was coming to him.

Nicely Read

(4 stars)

Enjoyed listening to this book, and the reader did a good job of changing is voice for each character.

One of my favorite narrators

(4 stars)

2019 - Narrator marathon Still enjoyed this story and the interaction between the characters.


(5 stars)

The first few chapters had me howling with laughter. Great reader for this book.

(4 stars)

just a story. nothing whippy. well read tho

(4.5 stars)

great story, highly entertaining and well written