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A Flurry in Diamonds

Read by Tom Penn

Thomas E. Price

The diamonds are gone--vanished! But who could have taken them? And how? With each plot twist author Thomas E. Price (writing as Amos Chiptr…

Rowdy of the Cross L

Read by Tom Penn

B. M. Bower

There's bad blood between Rowland ''Rowdy'' Vaughan and Harry Conroy. Really bad blood. But Rowdy is crazy about Harry's sister, Jessie. …

Turns About Town

Read by Tom Penn

Robert Cortes Holliday

Robert Cortes Holliday was an early 20th century essayist, editor, and librarian. Writer Christopher Morley said that he "has the genu…

Curlie Carson Listens In

Read by Tom Penn

Roy J. Snell

It is early in the days of radio, and amateurs are using it more and more, and using it illegally. Enter Curlie Carson, who has the job of t…

The Florentine Dagger

Read by Tom Penn

Ben Hecht

The police say it was suicide. The daughter says it was suicide. The daughter's fiance is sure it was murder, but who did it? The daughter?…

The Two-Gun Man

Read by Tom Penn

Charles Alden Seltzer

Rustlers are stealing Two Diamond cattle, and the manager is fit to be tied. The range boss claims it’s the neighbor, but there’s no proof. …

The Uphill Climb

Read by Tom Penn

B. M. Bower

Ford Campbell is a hard-working, honest, decent cowboy—when he’s sober. But give him a bottle of whiskey and all bets are off. Usually it ju…

The Sign at Six

Read by Tom Penn

Stewart Edward White

It started out as a nuisance--odd electrical problems in the Atlas building that cleared themselves up. But then it got worse, the problems …

On the Yukon Trail

Read by Tom Penn

Roy J. Snell

Curlie Carson and Joe Marion are chasing a radio outlaw across the frozen Alaska territory. It should be a simple dogsled trip, especially w…

Trolley Folly

Read by Tom Penn

Henry Wallace Phillips

This collection of eleven short stories is packed with Henry Wallace Phillips' offbeat humor. You will find a trolley car driver, bored with…

Plain Mary Smith: A Romance of Red Saunders

Read by Tom Penn

Henry Wallace Phillips

More than anything, the young Red Saunders wanted to be a good boy. And he was a good boy, except for his quick temper and quicker fists. B…

The Range Dwellers

Read by Tom Penn

B. M. Bower

Ellis Carleton, son of a rich and indulgent father, has enjoyed a wasteful and irresponsible young adulthood. But on reaching 25 it is time …

The Long Shadow

Read by Tom Penn

B. M. Bower

Billy Boyle, tough, honest, plain dealing, is at home on the range. He knows cattle and horses better than most. Alexander P. Dill, the merc…

The Quirt

Read by Tom Penn

B. M. Bower

Britt Hunter is a small fish in a big pond. His little ranch, the Quirt, has a few hundred head of cattle; the neighboring ranch, the Sawtoo…

Mars is My Destination

Read by Tom Penn

Frank Belknap Long

MARS ... Earth's first colony in Space. Men killed for the coveted ticket that allowed them to go there. And, once there, the killing went …

If You Touch Them They Vanish

Read by Tom Penn

Gouverneur Morris

"No man who has not endured solitude in long doses knows how vivid, real, and necessary people and things of the imagination may become…

The Last Penny

In Short Story Collection Vol. 038

Read by Tom Hackett

T.S. Arthur and T. S. Arthur

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 038: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.

Bicycling; The Pig's Penny

In Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 34, June 22, 1880

Read by Tom Merritt


Harper's Young People is an illustrated weekly publication for children that includes short stories, tales from history, natural history, po…

Superintendent of the Pennsylvania

In Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

Read by William Tomcho

Andrew Carnegie

This autobiography of Andrew Carnegie is a very well written and interesting history of one of the most wealthy men in the United states. He…

Whither Thou Goest

Read by Tom Weiss

William Le Queux

The Earl of Saxham was vastly annoyed when his son, Guy, fell in love with a “penniless nobody,” and announced that he would marry her again…

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