The Girl from Farris's

Read by Joseph DeNoia

(4.4 stars; 75 reviews)

Ever want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, only to have the whole world fight to keep you down? Ever been upstanding and righteous, only to have those around you take advantage of you? In the most unique of circumstances, watch a woman flee from a lavish world of slavery in a brothel, to live in the muck and mire of squalor. With the law chasing after her, The Girl from Farris' must find a way to merely survive. And in other parts of town, watch an upstanding citizen go from Riches to Rags as his fiance' and business partners slowly tear down the soul of the man. Watch as these two paths collide at different points in their lives. Will it be happily ever after, or a bitter end?
Summary by Joe DeNoia
She gets a job and although she can barely afford to care for herself, she stays on the straight and narrow, but her past is bound to catch up to her. (2 hr 59 min)


Doarty Makes A 'Pinch' 12:56 Read by Joseph DeNoia
--- And Wires Are Pulled 14:12 Read by Joseph DeNoia
The Grand Jury 10:06 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Decency 11:43 Read by Joseph DeNoia
A Friend In Need 17:31 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Secor's Fiancee 15:31 Read by Joseph DeNoia
June's Employer 12:41 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Sammy The Sleuth 12:01 Read by Joseph DeNoia
'Unclean --- Unclean!' 13:06 Read by Joseph DeNoia
'Rats Desert...' 12:54 Read by Joseph DeNoia
A Matter of Memory 16:08 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Just Three Words 12:27 Read by Joseph DeNoia
'For the Murder Of ---' 8:42 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Some Loose Threads 9:34 Read by Joseph DeNoia


not E R B’s usual story

(5 stars)

Thank you for doing such a great work with the reading of this book, I enjoyed listening. The story is definitely different from ERB’s other tales and, it, in my opinion, should be better know.

very emotionally stirring

(5 stars)

as most people say this is not the usual Edgar Rice Burroughs book. I really like this one though. the author did a really good job of painting the world the way the two main characters saw it. I was completely entranced by the journey that these two individuals had. I only wish the book could have gone on longer so that I could see more of the life that they lived after

good stuff!

(5 stars)

Excellent, though rapid, reading. Many thanks to the reader. Ends rather abruptly but I thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish. XD

Good Story

(4 stars)

Different type of story fron ERB...short and entertaining. Gritty and dramatic, and tue reader's voice and pace are fitting for this book.

(5 stars)

Great story, not the the ususl Burroughs style of ending, but m o st enjoyable and very well read by Joseph DeNoia.

(5 stars)

Essentially a gender swapped version of THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT. Since I consider that Burroughs best work, this is a must listen.

(3 stars)

true grit when someone does what it takes to go square.

(5 stars)

Good story of redemption and hope. Reader did a good job