Rowdy of the Cross L

Read by Tom Penn

(4.3 stars; 109 reviews)

There's bad blood between Rowland ''Rowdy'' Vaughan and Harry Conroy. Really bad blood. But Rowdy is crazy about Harry's sister, Jessie. Really crazy. And Jessie thinks the world of Harry and doesn't believe he would ever do anything bad, but... - Summary by Tom Penn (2 hr 35 min)


Lost in a Blizzard 15:06 Read by Tom Penn
Miss Conroy Refuses Shelter 16:21 Read by Tom Penn
Rowdy Hires a New Boss 15:16 Read by Tom Penn
Pink as 'Chappyrone' 13:08 Read by Tom Penn
At Home at Cross L 6:38 Read by Tom Penn
A Shot From the Dark 16:28 Read by Tom Penn
Rowdy in a Tough Place 11:33 Read by Tom Penn
Pink in a Threatening Mood 6:39 Read by Tom Penn
Moving the Herd 11:26 Read by Tom Penn
Harry Conroy at Home 10:39 Read by Tom Penn
Rowdy Promoted 11:08 Read by Tom Penn
'You Can Tell Jessie' 16:27 Read by Tom Penn
Rowdy Finds Happiness 5:00 Read by Tom Penn


Not one of B M Bowers best

(2.5 stars)

Storyline was rather typical Cowboy meets girl, but the romance was overshadowed by the much detailed Cattle Drives, but we'll read. Thanks Tom

One of my favorite narrators

(3 stars)

2019 - Narrator Marathon Good plot but there wasn't that chemistry this author usually has in his books. Still a decent listen.


(2.5 stars)

Read well... a simple real bad guys ... not much action for those who need... listen if nothing else on reading list

great reading and a really good story

(5 stars)

Thanks so much for reading this book. Please read more westerns! You are fantastic.

good reader, poorly developed story line

(4 stars)

This particular book is not up to B. W. Bowers writing.

love it! Great Narrator!

(5 stars)

great story and an incredible reader! take a listen! it's worth it!

(3 stars)

good reader. Book a short and sweet and to the point.

A good story with a little humour

(4.5 stars)