The Two-Gun Man

Read by Tom Penn

(4.6 stars; 170 reviews)

Rustlers are stealing Two Diamond cattle, and the manager is fit to be tied. The range boss claims it’s the neighbor, but there’s no proof. Everyone finds the neighbor’s sister desirable, but she finds everyone tedious (at best). Will lies, jealousy, double dealing, and maybe even a cold-blooded killing keep Ned Ferguson from uncovering the truth? (Tom Penn) (6 hr 7 min)


The Stranger at Dry Bottom 9:56 Read by Tom Penn
The Stranger Shoots 8:57 Read by Tom Penn
The Cabin in the Flat 20:13 Read by Tom Penn
A 'Different Girl' 24:00 Read by Tom Penn
The Man of Dry Bottom 7:29 Read by Tom Penn
At the Two Diamond 9:03 Read by Tom Penn
The Measure of a Man 22:34 Read by Tom Penn
The Finding of the Orphan 9:04 Read by Tom Penn
Would You Be a 'Character'? 12:17 Read by Tom Penn
Disappearance of the Orphan 13:18 Read by Tom Penn
A Touch of Local Color 13:46 Read by Tom Penn
The Story Begins 18:32 Read by Tom Penn
'Do You Smoke?' 12:17 Read by Tom Penn
On the Edge of the Plateau 34:09 Read by Tom Penn
A Free Hand 9:15 Read by Tom Penn
Leviatt Takes a Step 27:59 Read by Tom Penn
A Break in the Story 21:06 Read by Tom Penn
The Dim Trail 13:39 Read by Tom Penn
The Shot in the Dark 11:02 Read by Tom Penn
Love and a Rifle 13:20 Read by Tom Penn
The Promise 7:13 Read by Tom Penn
Keeping a Promise 28:27 Read by Tom Penn
At the Edge of the Cottonwood 13:20 Read by Tom Penn
The End of the Story 6:25 Read by Tom Penn



(5 stars)

The story was predictable but the reading by mr. pin made it truly enjoyable

Fun western tale, well narrated!

(5 stars)

The Narrator was exceptional in his speed, cadence and character accents. Thank you for your efforts to provide this fun story to the public domain. I'll be listening to the other books you've narrated. Best, Tom from Idaho.

Simple and Fun

(5 stars)

The plot is quite predictable, and the character development more than makes up for it. The reader does a fantastic job, using different voices for the various characters. I recommend a listen!

(5 stars)

" EXCELLENT" would be the only one word disruption, but I got time for more. very well written and read noval look forward to anymore of authors work... and Tom Penn is rapidly becoming a favorite narrator for his voice is easy to listen to as well as hear, he reads at a very nice pace, giving time to put picture to the author's description of scenes..he doesn't read like it's a chore he is just wanting finished. I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ because six was not an option. good way to use up some time👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Good Narration

(3.5 stars)

Thank you to the narrator. It's a nice book with a little action to keep the reader anticipating it's coming. Admittedly I skipped a few of the love scenes. I enjoyed the book for the most part. Thank you kindly to the writer.

great reader, good story

(5 stars)

The reader for this story was fantastic! His tone and slow easy pace for the speaker voices made it so real. I haven't read a cowboy story in awhile but the lingo and odd phrases sounded authentic to me.

a fun little western

(4.5 stars)

this book has a good mix of humour, drama, action, and romance. the characters while not particularly deep are enjoyable. the reader is pleasing to the ears

good old fashioned cowboy romance

(5 stars)

Reminds me of the western shows I grew up with. A great story and well read.