Tarzan and the Golden Lion

Read by Joshua Herring

(4.6 stars; 232 reviews)

Tarzan's amazing ability to establish kinship with some of the most dangerous animals in the jungle serves him well in this exciting story of his adventures with the Golden Lion, Jad-bal-ja, when the great and lordly animal becomes his ally and protector.
Tarzan learns from the High Priestess, La, of a country north of Opar which is held in dread by the Oparians. It is peopled by a strange race of gorilla-men with the intelligence of humans and the strength of gorillas. From time to time they attack Opar, carrying off prisoners for use as slaves in the jewel-studded Temple where they worship a great black-maned lion.
Accompanied by the faithful Jad-bal-ja, Tarzan invades the dread country in an attempt to win freedom for the hundreds of people held in slavery there... - Summary by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Proof-listeners: softstepgd and Mark Nelson (6 hr 30 min)


The Golden Lion 17:58 Read by Joshua Herring
The Training of Jad-bal-ja 11:27 Read by Joshua Herring
A Meeting of Mystery 16:54 Read by Joshua Herring
What the Footprints Told 16:58 Read by Joshua Herring
The Fatal Drops 19:55 Read by Joshua Herring
Death Steals Behind 18:43 Read by Joshua Herring
''You Must Sacrifice Him'' 16:00 Read by Joshua Herring
Mystery of the Past 21:59 Read by Joshua Herring
The Shaft of Death 15:10 Read by Joshua Herring
Mad Treachery 23:54 Read by Joshua Herring
Strange Incense Burns 23:10 Read by Joshua Herring
The Golden Ingots 15:33 Read by Joshua Herring
A Strange, Flat Tower 21:41 Read by Joshua Herring
The Chamber of Horrors 21:51 Read by Joshua Herring
The Map of Blood 17:31 Read by Joshua Herring
The Diamond Hoard 23:34 Read by Joshua Herring
The Torture of Fire 17:23 Read by Joshua Herring
The Spoor of Revenge 18:02 Read by Joshua Herring
A Barbed Shaft Kills 19:33 Read by Joshua Herring
The Dead Return 19:54 Read by Joshua Herring
An Escape and a Capture 13:18 Read by Joshua Herring


My mistake

(4 stars)

I need to apologize to the people that read these reviews. I called the reader a speed reader. On my LibriVox app there is rabbit in the upper right hand corner. I never dared mess with it and I thought I left it alone. I had listened to a dozen books, at least. Somehow I unknowing put the pointer to the farthest right it goes, therefor I listened to the whole audio book on speed reader mode. I’ve since realized it. My apologies to the book reader and anyone that read my review. The book and the author are fine... I’m not.

Another great Tarzan story.

(4.5 stars)

A good read by the narrator Joshua Herring. A fun adventure in line with ERB's other novels.

(5 stars)

I am amazed at the depth that Mr Burroughs goes to in his Tarzan series. I grew up listing to and watch the many Tarzan stories over the last 70 some odd years. the radio stories and old and newer movies did not show the way the books were written. I am also amazed at the amount of crooksrness the books display as to, in which one would think, what went on in Burroughs period. how did we make it this far. I hope to listen to the other books in his Tarzan series. all I can say is I crave more of this entertainment. Thank You Mr. Burroughs for bringing Tarzan into at least my world.

(5 stars)

Joshua Herring as much as I don't care for narratives that use a lot of added voiceovers to the individual correctors I truly don't I will have to say you are very good at it. with the exception of adding a Indonesia accent to African corrector you really did a damn fine job, with that said in my opinion you have a very soothing and pleasant voice naturally and truly do not need to add the voice drama to the books narrative but I will say you really are pretty damn good at it. I have either read or listened to every book produced by ERB wth the exception of two more books going to them two now if I can find Red Hawk last in trilogy would be happy to listen to you read it if you will produce a copy for Libervox THANK YOU JOSHUA. THANK YOU LIBERVOX You both do a real service to visually challenged individuals. listen to audio books instead of watching TV.... THANK YOU ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


(3 stars)

You could tell Burroughs was a firm believer in eugenics and this title shows that more than previous ones. Just as the past few books have, this one introduces new humanoid races for him to square off with. I guess Tarzan can only fight so many leopards, lions, mangani, and other animals until it get boring so Burroughs had to introduce more fantastical creatures. It's still entertaining though and being the second to last Tarzan novel on here at the moment iys almost the end of the road for me listening to these. It's a fun listen, but its definitely dated if you get my meaning.

Excellent telling of the tale

(5 stars)

This was an exciting read. The reader performed character voices and kept the adventure alive and it was entertaining to hear and well read. Nothing better than being told a good story in an interesting way. although I appreciate everybody's efforts at reading there's some folks who just don't have the talent of reading a book without sounding like they're reading The Wall Street journal or an encyclopedia... They just go on monotone droning on and on. however this reader exercised great skill and talent in my opinion in a great presentation of a classic.


(5 stars)

The story is trademark Edgar Rice Burroughs with its action and plot twists.I particularly enjoyed the dilemmas of the Tarzan impersonator. Good and clear reading from the volunteers! Thank you so much.

Tarzan raises and trains a lion cub whose mother had been killed

(5 stars)