Captivating Bible Stories for Young People

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Noted author and historian, Charlotte Mary Yonge, presents Bible stories written for children in simple language. There are thee 52 stories for the year starting at the beginning of the Bible through the end, with three readings for each chapter. - Summary by Larry Wilson (5 hr 22 min)


Preface 5:08 Read by Larry Wilson
First Sunday: Creation of the World 7:57 Read by Mark Penfold
Second Sunday: How Sin Began and the Flood Came 5:47 Read by MaybeCordelia
Third Sunday: The Rainbow 9:03 Read by Helen Ko
Fourth Sunday: Abraham and Lot 7:38 Read by Daniel
Fifth Sunday: Jacob's Journey and Dream 7:05 Read by Daniel
Sixth Sunday: Joseph in Egypt 7:07 Read by Daniel
Seventh Sunday: Joseph's Brothers 6:37 Read by Daniel
Eighth Sunday: The Call of Moses 7:50 Read by AnnaR77
Ninth Sunday: The Plagues of Egypt 6:25 Read by AnnaR77
Tenth Sunday: The Passover 4:48 Read by MaybeCordelia
Eleventh Sunday: The Gainsaying of Korah 7:38 Read by Phil Aldred
Twelvth Sunday: Israel in the Wilderness 5:39 Read by Owlivia
Thirteenth Sunday: Balaam and Balak 7:20 Read by Daniel
Fourteenth Sunday: The Giving of the Law 6:05 Read by Owlivia
Fifteenth Sunday: The Giving of the Law 5:28 Read by Daniel
Sisteenth Sunday: The Death of Moses 4:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Seventeenth Sunday: Israel in Battle 5:57 Read by Owlivia
Eighteenth Sunday: The Judges of Israel 4:46 Read by Daniel
Nineteenth Sunday: Samuel 6:25 Read by Owlivia
Twentieth Sunday: King Saul 5:43 Read by Daniel
Twenty-First Sunday: The Reign of Saul 7:39 Read by Owlivia
Twenty-Second Sunday: King David Reigning 4:24 Read by MaybeCordelia
Twenty-Third Sunday: Preparing for the Temple 4:41 Read by Owlivia
Twenty-Fourth Sunday: Solomon in all His Glory 5:31 Read by David Lawrence
Twenty-Fifth Sunday: Solomon's Fall 5:10 Read by David Lawrence
Twenty-Sixth Sunday: The Kingdom of Israel 6:51 Read by Owlivia
Twenty-Seventh Sunday: Elijah and Ahab 10:01 Read by Helen Ko
Twenty-Eighth Sunday: Elijah and Elisha 8:00 Read by Helen Ko
Twenty-Ninth Sunday: Elisha's Miracles 8:16 Read by Helen Ko
Thirtieth Sunday: The Ruin of Ahab's House 6:46 Read by Helen Ko
Thirty-First Sunday: Hezekiah and Josiah 7:24 Read by Lily
Thirty-Second Sunday: Jehoiakim's Cruelty 2:50 Read by Daniel
Thirty-Third Sunday: Jeremiah's Prophecies 7:10 Read by Daniel
Thirty-Fourth Sunday: The Taking of Jerusalem 6:56 Read by Daniel
Thirty-Fifth Sunday: The Fall of Jerusalem 6:31 Read by Daniel
Thirty-Sixth Sunday: The Jews at Babylon 5:27 Read by Owlivia
Thirty-Seventh Sunday: Daniel at Babylon 8:00 Read by Owlivia
Thirty-Eighth Sunday: The Return From Babylon 6:53 Read by MaybeCordelia
Thirty-Ninth Sunday: Troubles of the Jews 6:58 Read by Owlivia
Fortieth Sunday: The Coming of the Lord 5:57 Read by BooksUnderBanyanTree
Forty-First Sunday: The Childhood of Our Lord 4:16 Read by MaybeCordelia
Forty-Second Sunday: The Preparation for the Ministry 4:51 Read by Owlivia
Forty-Third Sunday: The Calling of the Disciples 3:58 Read by MaybeCordelia
Forty-Fourth Sunday: The Ministry 5:35 Read by Owlivia
Forty-Fifth Sunday: Wonders of Our Lord's Working 4:10 Read by mleigh
Forty-Sixth Sunday: Going up to Jerusalem 4:24 Read by mleigh
Forty-Seventh Sunday: The Evening of the Betrayal 3:51 Read by mleigh
Forty-Eighth Sunday: The Trial and Condemnation 6:32 Read by mleigh
Forty-Ninth Sunday: The Crucifixion 4:37 Read by mleigh
Fiftieth Sunday: The Resurrection 4:22 Read by mleigh
Fifty-First Sunday: The Ascension 4:39 Read by mleigh
Fifty-Second Sunday: The Waiting Time 4:35 Read by mleigh