Charlotte Mary Yonge

The Little Duke

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The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge is historical fiction based on the the life of Richard, Duke of Normandy. He assumes the title of Duke…

Unknown to History

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During the captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots, plots, conspiracies, and intrigue engulfed the country. Catholics were apprehensive of Protest…

History of France

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A brief history of France from the early 800AD to the 1870s, focusing on the successive heads of state and the different wars which shaped F…

The Heir of Redclyffe

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The Heir of Redclyffe (1853) was the first of Charlotte M. Yonge's bestselling romantic novels. Its religious tone derives from the High Chu…

Young Folks' History of Germany

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An entertaining history for "young folks", covering the history of Germany from the ancient tribes of pre-Roman times to Wilhelm I…

Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe

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Travel with Little Lucy around the globe and learn a little geography and small bits about other cultures.(Summary by Laura Caldwell)

The Dove in the Eagle's Nest

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Christina is an ordinary girl who lives with her aunt and uncle. Life is normal until one day when her father appears and plans to take Chri…

The Ontario Readers: Third Book

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The Ontario Readers is a school book first published in 1919, by the Ontario Ministry of Education, containing short excerpts of literary wo…

The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations

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Join the endearing May family in small-town England as each member lives through some pivotal years. How will they face the changes that sha…

The Armourer's Prentices

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Set in the sixteenth century, two young boys are left orphans and are turned out of their home by their older brother, or, more particularly…

Captivating Bible Stories for Young People

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Noted author and historian, Charlotte Mary Yonge, presents Bible stories written for children in simple language. There are thee 52 stories…

The Lances of Lynwood

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The Lances of Lynwood brings to life the high days of knighthood and chivalry in the 14th century during the Hundred Years War, in which the…

The Trial

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In this sequel to "The Daisy Chain," new joys and challenges meet the May family in a new season of life. The older children are a…