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Android phone users can now listen to this audiobook on the go without having to download audio files. An app has been developed for Guru Charitra audiobook and is available on Google Play Store for free. DOWNLOAD TODAY!! Get it on Google Play To listen to Shri Guru Charitra Parayan - Shri Guru Charitra Parayan (Marathi) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shri Guru-Charitra, a spiritual book giving a brief life story of Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj, an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya, was written in the 15th Century by one of his closest disciples. This book is a treasure house of spiritual events related to the life of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati. It is read with great reverence by the devotees of Lord Shri Dattatreya. It was originally written in Ovi form (a Marathi Metre) in Marathi by Shri Saraswati Gangadhar, whose ancestor Sayamdev had personally lived and served with devotion, Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati, an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya about 600 years ago. It was later translated into Sanskrit by Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati (Tembe Swami), who was also regarded by many as as incarnation of Shri Dattatreya and who lived about a hundred years ago. It has been later translated into several other languages. This volume is regarded as divine, capable of blessing one and all who read it with respect and is placed with images of Gods and adored in almost all devotees' houses of Maharashtra. It is much respected and is very popular like Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagawat and other puranas in sanskrit and Dnyaneshwari, Dasbodh, Eknathi Bhagwat etc. in Marathi. In the last century, it has spread its influence far and wide and legion are the experiences got by those devotees who read it regularly with respect. Posted on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My other audiobooks, PDF's and videos that you might like - AUDIOBOOKS - (To download audio MP3 files of any audiobook, scroll down on its page and find a list of file sizes under 'VBR MP3', right click on it and select 'Save link as', select folder and hit 'Save') 01. Ashtavakra Gita (Marathi) 02. Ashtavakra Gita (Hindi) 03. Ashtavakra Gita (English) 04. Avadhuta Gita (English) 05. Avadhuta Gita (Hindi) 06. Avadhuta Gita (Marathi) 07. Brahmana Gita (Hindi) 08. Datta Mahaatmya Gadya (Marathi) 09. Gitaai by Acharya Vinoba Bhave (Marathi) 10. Garbh Gita (Hindi) 11. Hansa Gita (Hindi) 12. 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Yoga Vasishtha PDF Part 04 (Hindi) VIDEOS - (To download a video, scroll down its page and find 'MPEG4' under the section 'Individual Files', right click on it and select 'Save link as', select folder and hit 'Save') Rare Footage of Shrimat Paramahansa Parivrajakacharya Bhagwan Shri Shridhar Swami Maharaj Rare Footage of Shrimat Paramahansa Parivrajakacharya Shri Udiya Baba Ji Maharaj -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



00.Introduction to Shri Guru Charitra 11:15
CH.01 Namadharak Blessed with a Vision of Gurunath 12:01
CH.02 The Power and Glory of Guru Bhakti 20:56
CH.03 Shri Hari's Incarnations 7:05
CH.04 Shri Datta Avatara 9:21
CH.05 Incarnation of Shripad Shrivallabha 8:41
CH.06 Gokarna Mahabaleshwar 10:53
CH.07 Gokarna Stal Mahima 12:50
CH.08 Shani Pradosh Vrata Mahima 9:35
CH.09 Shripad Shrivallabh Blesses the Washerman 5:58
CH.10Shripad Shrivallabh Mahaprasthan 5:39
CH.11 Birth of Shri Narasimha Saraswati 7:05
CH.12 Narahari takes Sannyasa 7:50
CH.13 Shri Narasimha Saraswati Cures Chronic Ulcer 10:14
CH.14 Shri Narasimha Saraswati Rescues Sayamdeva 4:50
CH.15 Holy Pilgrim Places of Bharat 10:52
CH.16 Fruits of Devotion to the Guru 11:53
CH.17 Blockheaded Youth turns into a Pandit 5:26
CH.18 Poor Brahmin finds Treasure 5:40
CH.19 64 Yoginis & Ganganuja's Darshan of Gaya Kashi Prayag 8:35
CH.20 A Brahmin's wife relieved of Brahma Rakshasa 8:08
CH.21 Revival of a Dead Child 6:29
CH.22 Shri Gurunath Comes to Ganagapur 4:44
CH.23 Brahma Rakshasa gets Liberation 5:57
CH.24 Trivikram Bharati Sees Vishwarup Darshan 8:20
CH.25 Pride and Conciet of Two Foolish Pandits 7:12
CH.26 Infinite Glory of the Vedas 7:08
CH.27 Harijan becomes a Learned Brahmin 5:40
CH.28 Karma Vipak - Law of Cause and Effect 12:36
CH.29 The Power of Bhasma 11:46
CH.30 Vairagya Bodha 9:55
CH.31 The Power of Chastity 6:09
CH.32 Revival of Young Woman's Dead Husband 9:21
CH.33 The Power of Rudraksha 7:24
CH.34 Rudra Adhyaay Mahima 5:55
CH.35 Somvar Vrata Mahima 13:18
CH.36 Vedic Injuctions on Duties and Obligations 12:12
CH.37 Code of Conduct - Do's & Dont's 15:38
CH.38 Feeding Thousands with Food for Three 5:11
CH.39 Barren Woman Past Sixties bears Children 6:24
CH.40 Leper Brahmin Cured 10:06
CH.41 The Unflinching Devotion of Sayamdeva 11:28
CH.42 Lord Vishwanath's Grace on Twasta 8:20
CH.43 Ananta Vrata Mahima 13:51
CH.44 Tantuka's Pilgrimage to Sri Shailam 8:43
CH.45 Leucoderma and Leprosy of Nandi Sharma Cured 6:38
CH.46 The Poet devotee of Lord Sri Kalleshwara 3:55
CH.47 Shri Gurunath Visits 8 Places at One Time 4:15
CH.48 The Farmer Devotee's Rich Harvest 7:54
CH.49 The Holiness and Power of Ganagapur 8:32
CH.50 Shri Guru Nath's Showering of Grace on Nawab 15:09
CH.51 Mahaprastan of Shri Gurunath 10:51
CH.52 Conclusion and Weekly Reading 4:34


Guru Charitra (English) pdf

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