The Little Duke

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(3.7 stars; 96 reviews)

The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge is historical fiction based on the the life of Richard, Duke of Normandy. He assumes the title of Duke at only 8 years of age, after his father is murdered. The story first appeared in her magazine, The Monthly Packet, as a serial. (summary by Laura Caldwell) (3 hr 56 min)


Chapter I 19:41 Read by Cori Samuel
Chapter II 23:32 Read by Kalynda
Chapter III 17:20 Read by Robin Cotter
Chapter IV 17:34 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter V 32:41 Read by LilianaVale
Chapter VI 20:23 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter VII 23:03 Read by Kalynda
Chapter VIII 27:41 Read by Sarah Jennings
Chapter IX 16:05 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Chapter X 12:55 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Chapter XI 9:32 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Chapter XII 9:50 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Conslusion 5:56 Read by Laura Caldwell


love the book and have fun with little dok of normindy

(5 stars)

The Little Duke

(5 stars)

I love this book it’s like the best book in the world! because it shows you how the little duke gives grace to the man who kills his father and how he treated his slaves and when he went to h the king he was treated like garbage. And how he comes back and shows so much grace to His.

Lovely story - Audio 3 stars

(3.5 stars)

What a lovely story. While many of the recordings were excellent, there were some with choppy audio quality and he final chapters were unintelligible to my family due to the readers thick accent. Thankfully this story is available in written form and we will read-aloud those chapters.

(2.5 stars)

Several chapters were not understandable for myself, my husband or my daughter. I’m very disappointed that I can’t use this recording for her education.

(3.5 stars)

The book was great there were a few readers I couldn't understand towards the end or I would give it five stars.

(5 stars)

Great story. Not clear on gentleman narrator's voice. Had to listen closely to catch all

An interesting story from European history

(3 stars)

A story for young children about the strength of forgiveness and honesty, forebearance and duty. I would recomend rereading the final 2 chapters as the readers accent makes it difficult to follw.

(2 stars)

vry disappointed with the last reader so i stop listening i really can't understand what he's reading...