William Shakespeare Othello 2020

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William Shakespeare Othello 2020 Adapted and directed for radio   by Emma Harding Khalid Abdalla, Matthew Needham and Cassie Layton star in Shakespeare's tragedy, staged in an imagined near future, in which a power-hungry Turkish president attempts an attack on Cyprus.   The western forces rush to Cyprus's defence, under the command of the fearless General Othello.   But can an Arab-born Christian convert ever be truly accepted by the people he serves? Introduction by Dr Islam Issa, Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University Othello.....Khalid Abdalla Iago.....Matthew Needham Desdemona.....Cassie Layton Cassio.....Max Bennett Brabantio.....Neil McCaul Roderigo.....Clive Hayward Duke of Venice.....Jessica Turner Montano.....Peter Polycarpou Emilia.....Bettrys Jones Lodovico.....Ian Conningham Bianca.....Heather Craney All other parts played by Sargon Yelda   and Hasan Dixon Drama on 3 First broadcast:  Sun 19th Apr 2020 19:30 on BBC Radio 3

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Full Length Play: Othello 2:02:07