The D'Arblay Mystery

Read by Howard Skyman

(4.4 stars; 50 reviews)

Stephen Gray is a recent graduate of medicine. As he is walking through a sleepy English village he stumbles upon a tragedy involving a beautiful young girl and immediately becomes involved in assisting her. In doing so he enlists the help of his mentor, Dr. Thorndyke, a renowned forensic investigator. Thorndyke and his aide, Polton, use their skills to unravel a bizarre mystery with many intriguing twists and turns. (Summary by Howard Skyman) (7 hr 47 min)


The Pool In The Wood 28:11 Read by Howard Skyman
A Conference With Dr. Thorndyke 14:42 Read by Howard Skyman
The Doctor’s Revelations 30:06 Read by Howard Skyman
Mr. Bendelow 17:31 Read by Howard Skyman
Inspector Follett’s Discovery 21:36 Read by Howard Skyman
Marion D’Arblay At Home 24:09 Read by Howard Skyman
Enlarging Thorndyke’s Knowledge 22:35 Read by Howard Skyman
Simon Bendelow, Deceased 19:01 Read by Howard Skyman
A Strange Misadventure 22:57 Read by Howard Skyman
Marion’s Peril 28:51 Read by Howard Skyman
Arms And The Man 15:24 Read by Howard Skyman
A Dramatic Discovery 18:44 Read by Howard Skyman
A Narrow Escape 24:21 Read by Howard Skyman
The Haunted Man 27:27 Read by Howard Skyman
Thorndyke Proposes A New Move 24:37 Read by Howard Skyman
A Surprise For The Superintendent 27:17 Read by Howard Skyman
A Chapter Of Surprises 30:03 Read by Howard Skyman
The Last Act 29:46 Read by Howard Skyman
Thorndyke Disentangles The Threads 40:04 Read by Howard Skyman



(5 stars)

what a mystery! ( baffling at times!) Bravo to a reader who " just reads." He never changed his own voice, and thus avoided ridiculous attempts to sound like a woman. what a relief, and the story gains by it. Thank You.

The Plot Thickens and Thickens

(5 stars)

This story has just the right amount of cleverness to keep me interested without the author seemingly showing off his own cleverness. I was engaged from start to finish. The reader seemed perfectly matched to the material. So many audiobooks I lose interest in half way through or earlier. This one kept me hooked all the way to the end, and for all that, 5 stars.

(5 stars)

Great mystery story with some intricate twists and turns, a bit of the far-fetched sort of material one expects in mystery stories of this era, plus some great, sometimes quite funny, character sketches. And a really wonderful reader. He goes at just the right pace and tone to relax and enjoy being read to, neither flat not theatrical. A+

Now U See 'Em, Now U......

(5 stars)

Another fine murder mystery & another solved by Dr Thornton. Very clever not who don-it but who really was in the coffin? Two deaths, one body with confirmation of 2 witnesses and 2 doctors.

(4 stars)

A study in complexity and evil, an excellent reader, a well written tale.

Dr Thorndyke ..

(5 stars)

... saves the day! another great medical mystery!091123

(3.5 stars)

kam. A good mystery. well read. Thankyou.

(4 stars)

A nice mystery and well read; however, the mispronunciation of D'Arblay was an annoyance to the very end.