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Owen Clancy's Run Of Luck

Read by Howard Skyman

Burt L. Standish

Owen Clancy befriends a lad he saves from peril. He and his friend foil a nefarious plot. - Summary by Howard Skyman

Blotted Out

Read by Howard Skyman

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The story about a young man who immigrates to the US and is contacted by a mysterious woman. - Summary by Howard Skyman

Double Crossed

Read by Howard Skyman

Wilfrid Douglas Newton

Clement Seadon is a young man of free spirit and a lust for a life of independence. However after receiving an odd request from a lawyer he …

Bob Bowen Comes To Town

Read by Howard Skyman

Henry James O'Brien Bedford-Jones and H. Bedford-Jones

Bob Bowen is a free spirited young man who likes to take chances. However after a chance meeting on a train with a high stakes mining stock …

Guy Garrick

Read by Howard Skyman

Arthur B. Reeve

Private detective Guy Garrick is at the dawning age of modern criminal forensics in the early twentieth century. He and his friend and assis…

The Ear In The Wall

Read by Howard Skyman

Arthur B. Reeve

Craig Kennedy is a man who thinks outside the box. A skilled detective using the cutting edge technology of his time, he uses his skills to …

The Rover Boys Winning A Fortune

Read by Howard Skyman

Arthur M. Winfield

The Rover Boys is a generational series that follows the Rover family through many exciting adventures. In this case the story revolves arou…

Winning His Game

Read by Howard Skyman

Ralph Henry Barbour

Dudley Baker is new to Grafton School. Like many rookie students he finds himself feeling out of place amongst the strange new faces he enco…

The Fellowship of the Frog

Read by Howard Skyman

Edgar Wallace

In this story, a small village in rural England is the unlikely site of multiple mysterious goings-on. Dick Gordon, a young public prosecuto…

The Golden Chimney: A Boy's Mine

Read by Howard Skyman

Elizabeth Gerberding

Ben Ralston regrets that he was born 40 years too late to take advantage of the California Gold Rush. Opportunities are dwindling, but for a…