At the Earth's Core

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 713 reviews)

This is the first book in the Pellucidar series. Pellucidar is a fictional Hollow Earth milieu invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of action adventure stories. The stories initially involve the adventures of mining heir David Innes and his inventor friend Abner Perry after they use an "iron mole" to burrow 500 miles into the earth's crust. (adapted from Wikipedia) (4 hr 38 min)


Prologue 4:17 Read by Great Plains
Toward the Eternal Fires 20:26 Read by Great Plains
A Strange World 20:36 Read by Great Plains
A Change of Masters 19:00 Read by Great Plains
Dian the Beautiful 23:03 Read by Great Plains
Slaves 16:37 Read by davechase
The Beginning of Horror 12:51 Read by davechase
Freedom 12:46 Read by Scott Carpenter
The Mahar Temple 26:18 Read by Scott Carpenter
The Face of Death 14:53 Read by Scott Carpenter
Phutra Again 21:32 Read by Scott Carpenter
Four Dead Mahars 11:08 Read by Scott Carpenter
Pursuit 8:09 Read by Scott Carpenter
The Sly One 11:45 Read by Scott Carpenter
The Garden of Eden 34:34 Read by Scott Carpenter
Back to Earth 20:32 Read by Scott Carpenter


i enjoyed the story and think it would make a very good movie

(5 stars)

Fun Book + Great Readers = Win for LibriVox and Listener

(4 stars)

I'm always a little hesitant when approaching LibriVox recordings, just because I personally cannot get into a story if the reader and/or the recording quality is below par. And I'm usually leery of multiple readers, since this too can really impinge on my ability to "get lost" in the story. Thankfully, this is ready by only two gentlemen, who have split the novel in half instead of going back and forth. Both readers are great and the sound is perfect. I listened to the whole novel in one sitting while working at my drafting table. And, it's ERB, so it's going to be at least a fun ride...

Fun book, good reader

(5 stars)

The book is as engaging as most of the author's work. The audio is clear and consistent as well as the reader. I only noticed a couple mispronunciations that I found more funny than annoying since the words weren't repeated thereafter. A fun whimsical tale about traveling to a prehistoric world within our world. Sure, it's antiquated science but if you can look past that I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

At the Earth's Core

(5 stars)

Nostalgia invaded me listening to this story from Edgar Rice Burroughs, which I read in my youth. So, my youthful self took over and concluded it should receive five stars. Of course, even though it is science fiction, the author's style was excellent and deserving of his fame. All the readers were really good, clear and expressive, and provided an enjoyable listening time. Thanks to all of them for their dedication and service. 😊

Earths Core... AWESOME

(5 stars)

Very nice vocalization. The reader did an exemplary job of creating the atmosphere necessary to portray the story. I read this novel when I was in 6th grade.....I'm 56 now, and this reading gave me nearly the same thrill I had as a youth! Thank you sir....and I will be sorely disappointed if you don't continue to read for LibraVox. Good job!

Very good book

(5 stars)

David and Perry manage to drill down into the earth's core where they encounter savages, strange animals, strange rituals, and they also learn that humans are not the dominant species in Pellucidar. An excellent book with a very engrossing story line. Readers were very good. Enjoy!

Very Enjoyable

(5 stars)

continuing on my Edgar Rice Burroughs binge this is another very well read novel. I highly suggest it to any that is interested in science fiction from that period of time.

Older language. Great story!

(5 stars)

This is the first book I have heard of the author, but clearly, science fiction writers are always thinking east ahead of their times.