Thomas Wingfold, Curate

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(4.4 stars; 60 reviews)

Republished in modern times as "The Curate's Awakening". A young man (Thomas Wingfold) "enters the church" through no real faith and only for want of something to do. After an encounter with a brash young atheist, he is thrown into an emotional, spiritual, and vocational crisis. Through his own doubts and through developing clarity gained from the counsel of a singular friend, he begins a slow journey toward faith, or - as he would put it - "a lovely hope." (Summary by John Schuurman & TriciaG)

Note that there are two versions of chapter 67. Enjoy one or both of the renderings. (18 hr 48 min)


01 - Helen Lingard 12:06 Read by John Schuurman
02 - Thomas Wingfold 10:37 Read by John Schuurman
03 - The Diners 12:25 Read by John Schuurman
04 - Their Talk 12:25 Read by John Schuurman
05 - A Staggering Question 11:59 Read by John Schuurman
06 - The Curate in the Churchyard 10:16 Read by John Schuurman
07 - The Cousins 12:43 Read by John Schuurman
08 - The Garden 10:14 Read by John Schuurman
09 - The Park 9:12 Read by John Schuurman
10 - The Dwarfs 13:04 Read by John Schuurman
11 - The Curate at Home 14:32 Read by John Schuurman
12 - An Incident 9:18 Read by John Schuurman
13 - A Report of Progress 6:17 Read by John Schuurman
14 - Jeremy Taylor 7:35 Read by John Schuurman
15 - The Park Gate 9:10 Read by John Schuurman
16 - The Attic 11:44 Read by John Schuurman
17 - Polwarth's Plan 15:10 Read by John Schuurman
18 - Joseph Polwarth 26:48 Read by John Schuurman
19 - The Conclusion of the Whole Matter 9:20 Read by John Schuurman
20 - A Strange Sermon 13:41 Read by John Schuurman
21 - A Thunderbolt 10:42 Read by John Schuurman
22 - Leopold 8:02 Read by John Schuurman
23 - The Refuge 13:49 Read by John Schuurman
24 - Helen with a Secret 7:25 Read by John Schuurman
25 - A Daylight Visit 10:43 Read by John Schuurman
26 - Leopold's Story 9:34 Read by John Schuurman
27 - Leopold's Story Concluded 14:39 Read by John Schuurman
28 - Sisterhood 8:21 Read by John Schuurman
29 - The Sick Chamber 12:56 Read by John Schuurman
30 - The Curate's Progress 12:38 Read by John Schuurman
31 - The Curate Makes a Discovery 14:59 Read by John Schuurman
32 - Hopes 7:59 Read by John Schuurman
33 - The Ride 15:11 Read by John Schuurman
34 - Rachel and Her Uncle 6:12 Read by Chessie Joy
35 - A Dream 14:18 Read by Chessie Joy
36 - Another Sermon 10:15 Read by Chessie Joy
37 - Nursing 9:22 Read by Chessie Joy
38 - Glaston and the Curate 8:54 Read by Chessie Joy
39 - The Linen-Draper 17:05 Read by Chessie Joy
40 - Rachel 14:44 Read by Chessie Joy
41 - The Butterfly 5:09 Read by Chessie Joy
42 - The Commonplace 11:03 Read by Chessie Joy
43 - Home Again 6:30 Read by Chessie Joy
44 - The Sheath 11:30 Read by Chessie Joy
45 - Invitation 6:16 Read by Chessie Joy
46 - A Sermon to Helen 14:26 Read by Chessie Joy
47 - A Sermon to Himself 4:55 Read by Chessie Joy
48 - Criticism 10:38 Read by Chessie Joy
49 - A Vanishing Glimmer 7:36 Read by Chessie Joy
50 - Let Us Pray! 7:15 Read by Chessie Joy
51 - Two Letters 5:11 Read by David Wales
52 - Advice in the Dark 8:43 Read by TinaNygard2
53 - Intercession 4:33 Read by Lynne T
54 - Helen Alone 7:22 Read by TinaNygard2
55 - A Haunted Soul 8:45 Read by TinaNygard2
56 - Compelled Confidence 10:29 Read by Anna Roberts
57 - Willing Confidence 5:49 Read by Anna Roberts
58 - The Curate's Counsel 9:49 Read by Keri Ford
59 - Sleep 7:54 Read by TinaNygard2
60 - Divine Service 12:01 Read by KHand
61 - A Shop in Heaven 21:33 Read by Keri Ford
62 - Polwarth and Lingard 19:20 Read by Lynne T
63 - The Strong Man 10:57 Read by David Wales
64 - George and Leopold 7:41 Read by David Wales
65 - Wingfold and Helen 13:57 Read by David Wales
66 - A Review 8:29 Read by David Wales
67 - A Sermon to Leopold 26:07 Read by David Wales
67alt - A Sermon to Leopold (alternate reading) 25:43 Read by Jon Smith
68 - After the Sermon 12:43 Read by Jon Smith
69 - Bascombe and the Magistrate 8:56 Read by Lynne T
70 - The Confession 8:02 Read by Miyune
71 - The Mask 10:10 Read by Larry Wilson
72 - Further Decision 6:34 Read by Thomas A. Copeland
73 - The Curate and the Doctor 11:58 Read by Phil Schempf
74 - Helen and the Curate 12:17 Read by Larry Wilson
75 - An Examination 5:09 Read by Blaze Dragon
76 - Immortality 11:35 Read by TriciaG
77 - Passages from the Autobiography of the Wandering Jew 6:28 Read by TriciaG
78 - The Wandering Jew 18:22 Read by TriciaG
79 - The Wandering Jew 21:38 Read by TriciaG
80 - Remarks 5:36 Read by TriciaG
81 - Struggles 10:38 Read by TriciaG
82 - The Lawn 14:59 Read by Ellen Preckel
83 - How Jesus Spoke to Women 14:08 Read by Larry Wilson
84 - Deliverance 9:18 Read by Françoise
85 - The Meadow 17:05 Read by Ellen Preckel
86 - Rachel and Leopold 11:32 Read by Françoise
87 - The Blood-Hound 7:32 Read by Ellen Preckel
88 - The Blood-Hound Traversed 19:23 Read by Françoise
89 - The Bedside 19:19 Read by Françoise
90 - The Garden 5:12 Read by ToddHW
91 - The Departure 9:52 Read by Larry Wilson
92 - The Sunset 13:37 Read by Larry Wilson
93 - An Honest Spy 7:30 Read by Lynne T
94 - What Helen Heard 9:10 Read by Lynne T
95 - What Helen Heard More 17:31 Read by Françoise
96 - The Curate's Resolve 16:38 Read by Françoise
97 - Helen Awake 10:12 Read by ToddHW
98 - Thou Didst Not Leave 9:00 Read by Ellen Preckel


Thomas Wingfold, Curate

(5 stars)

George McDonald always has a compelling story. For those seeking to know if there is a God and what he is like this book is in excellent journey to answer the question. There are many readers some sound as though they are professional and there are a few who were a little difficult to understand. I am very thankful for all the readers time and energy. Thank you Libravox for all that you do!

Somewhat tedious

(3 stars)

I love George McDonald but found this book hard to get through. The texts were long and too drawn out for me. The first reader was wonderful to listen to but then came some readers I could barely understand.

(4 stars)

The story was thought provoking. As a Christian who has had many doubts, I appreciated the themes. I found myself wanting to love Christ more. I was uncomfortable with some characters' negative opinions of Leopolds Indian background, but it was unclear if those were meant only to be characters' opinions or if it represented any bias of the author. Certainly he was treated overall as a beloved character. at least you see that by the end. I also questioned why there was not a strong concern for the family of E. Trying not to give spoilers, though! But despite some flaws, I recommend this book. Some readers were hard to understand, but it was still worthwhile and I may read the book again on my own.

some is hard to listen to.

(3 stars)

I'm thankful for the people who record these books. I love listening to George MacDonald. this is a challenging book but well worth it. I do have a hard time with the chapters read by the lady who always lifts her voice up at the end of every single phrase it maybe have to get the book and read those chapters. but I must be thankful anyway I'm sure it took a lot of time.

Amazing story!

(4 stars)

The story was amazing, and the first reader was fantastic! He really got into the characters voice and mannerisms I have not often heard in Librivox readers. Many of the other readers did well too, but two in particular were not good. One seemed like he had never read the text before, the other had a beautiful accent, but made it rather difficult to understand what was being said much of the time. Overall, great!

(3 stars)

This is an excellent book, fit to refresh the spiritual vitality of any Christian who listens earnestly and takes to heart what is sometimes expressed in stuffy-sounding words but which carries every hearty ounce of intended meaning. Some of the readers did well, but unfortunately some of the readers were too difficult to listen to and I had to read through those chapters on the Gutenberg Project.

Raises the ultimate question

(4.5 stars)

MacDonald tells an engrossing story, and he's not afraid to raise the ultimate question, 'Is there a god?' He's also not afraid to skip the easy answers and insist that his readers think! With all that, there's some Dickensian satire, a lurid murder, a runaway wife and a charming cow.

it's good

(3 stars)

there are some long sermons and some flowery text and poetry. The story is simple and enjoyable but left me a little bit dissatisfied. most of the reading is solid but a few readers I found a little bit hard to follow. overall it's good and worth listening to.