Life Sciences

The Elements of Mammalogy

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William Ruschenberger

The Elements of Mammalogy is one of seven in a Series of First Books of Natural History Prepared for the Use of Schools and Colleges. This s…

A Short Discourse Concerning Pestilential Contagion, and the Methods to Be Used…

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Richard Mead

This is a work written about the plague in France and how to prevent its spread. It is considered an important historical work for the unde…

Beknopte uiteenzetting van de theorie van Darwin over het ontstaan der plant- e…

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Julius Dub

Populair-wetenschappelijke, verkorte weergave van Charles Darwins baanbrekende boek "Het ontstaan der soorten", ca. 10 jaar na de …

The Genetic Effects of Radiation

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Isaac Asimov

This is a book in the "Understanding the Atom Series" from the Division of Technical Information, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. …

The Book of Love

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Paolo Mantegazza

Translated from Italian, it delves into the physiology of love from a scientific standpoint, in beautiful writing.

Man and His Ancestor: A Study in Evolution

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Charles Morris

An examination of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and subsequent texts, written for the general public at the turn of the twentieth cen…

Infection and Immunity

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George M. Sternberg

Infection and Immunity with Special Reference to the Prevention of Infectious Diseases presents a subject that is as relevant today as it wa…

Man and Nature on the Broads

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Arthur Henry Patterson

From its man-made origins as a consequence of medieval peat excavations, the Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk have evolved into a natural ecosy…

Dragons of the Air

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Harry Seeley

Sir Richard Owen coined the term "dinosaur" ("Terrible Reptile" or "Fearfully Great Reptile") in the 19th cent…

Notes of An East Coast Naturalist

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Arthur Henry Patterson

Arthur Henry Patterson was a self-taught naturalist with an immeasurable knowledge and perspicacity of the Broadland region’s flora and faun…

The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

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Frederick Walker Mott

From the Preface: "The contents of this little book formed the subject of three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution "On th…

Amphibians and Reptiles in Captivity

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Robert N Bader, Donald J Coxwell and Thomas R. Johnson

In recent years the number of people interested in keeping amphibians and reptiles in captivity has grown rapidly. All too often, these same…

Generation of Animals

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Generation of Animals (or On the Generation of Animals; Greek: Περὶ ζῴων γενέσεως (Peri Zoion Geneseos); Latin: De Generatione Animalium) …

Stray Feathers From a Bird Man's Desk

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Austin L. Rand

Canadian zoologist, Austin L. Rand, takes a divergence from his scholarly works on ornithology to give us 60 entertaining sketches of bird l…

Little Masterpieces of Science - The Naturalist as Interpreter and Seer

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George Iles

Another in the series of Little Masterpieces in Science, The Naturalist as Interpreter and Seer includes essays and excerpts from the works …

Walnut Growing in Oregon

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Jacob Calvin Cooper

Although published to promote the business of walnut production, this short volume describes the current science and practice of growing wal…

The American Bee Journal. Vol. XVII, No. 12, Mar. 23, 1881

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The American Bee Journal is the “oldest bee paper in America established in 1861 devoted to scientific bee-culture and the production and s…

Through Broadland in a Breydon Punt

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Arthur Henry Patterson

Arthur Henry Patterson was a self-taught naturalist who, from a very early age, devoted much of his free time to observing, discovering and …

Wild Life on a Norfolk Estuary

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Arthur Henry Patterson

Published in 1907 by Arthur Henry Patterson, a self-taught local naturalist, Wild Life on a Norfolk Estuary was one of his defining books on…

Malaria in Greek History

Read by Leon Harvey

William Henry Samuel Jones

This book is an attempt to correct and develop the theory proposed tentatively in the little work Malaria. Put briefly, this theory is as fo…

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